Fairy Tail Celestial Spirit Name Generator

This Name Generator will send you 15 Random Names that are appropriate for celestial Spirits that belong to the Fairy Tail universe. They have their own magic and can be called up with Celestial Spirit Gate keys by certain mages. If a spirit is called, a contract between the mage and the spirit must be formed, which is an arrangement and a bond between the two parties. Spirits must also comply with the rules defined by the Celestial Spirit King, which does not in no way mean being to blame the death of the summoner. Celestial Spirits are named after constellations, so you can find constellation-based names in this generator. However, there are just as many constellations with real names, so the names in this generator have to conform to the naming conventions. If you want more names of constellations (or probably different types), see the constellation name generator on this website.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

There are two main categories of celestial spirits: the Silver Keys and the Gold Keys. Silver keys are typically divided into two categories: the common Silver keys, and the rare gold keys. Keys for celestial souls are usually classified in Units (together with Gold or Silver) and a celestial Spirit Mage is typically marked by how many units they have in their possession, counting from most to least... although it's important to note that there are exceptions to these rules. For example, it has been noted that a Silver Key named "Klaus" actually has three units instead of the usual two.

The two other categories of celestial souls are usually classified as the rarer Gold keys, but there is one exception here. Some Gold Key celestial spirits actually have two units instead of one, meaning that there can only be one of them at any given time... and so on. However, the fact that they're classified as one category doesn't mean that there aren't a great many Gold Key spirits out there, which makes it easier for some individuals to recognize them and find them easily.

To find celestial spirit names that you can use for your astral projection project, you need to go to your astral projection website and enter your keywords like celestial, spiritual, or spiritual life. On the right side of the page you will find links called "Search" that will take you to the search box. Just type in your keyword (or key phrase), including quotations marks, and hit the search button. You'll find a list of matching celestial names in different places. You can use the keywords you entered to narrow your search by including other keywords related to those, such as spiritual, psychic, or religious.

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