Foggernaut Name Generator (Wakfu/Dofus)

This name generator will give you 15 random names fit for the Wakfu and Dofus universe Foggernauts. Within Dofus, Foggernauts are human-like beings with pointed ears using technology to harness the ocean's power. Turrets and harpoons are their principal weapons, but they are also able to heal allies. In Wakfu, Foggernauts are humanoid, peace-loving robots who prepare for their kin 's return. The Stasili mines are key to these preparations. For the Dofus version we could find only male names of Foggernaut. They are melodic in nature, and are almost Japanese-esque. Also they could be used easily as unisex names. The Wakfu versions, like Foggerrhoid and Fargonaut have descriptive or nickname-esque names. This generator also contains those types of names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Foggernaut is a large red and blue robot that looks like the giant robots that are used by the Chinese military. It's an interesting concept, because it is not entirely hostile, in the sense that it does not want to eat you for fun. Instead, it is there to protect the Earth from the invading aliens, and as such has the ability to create a massive army of Foggernauts.

The main character in the game, the protagonist, is a small boy named Takashi Doi, who are taken aboard the Foggernaut along with his cousin Naga, and their friend Dofu. When the Foggernaut comes across a space-station called the Dofus Foggernaut, the three friends and their pets come under attack by the Foggernaut. Dofu's pet is Wakfu, and the dog is very loyal and protective of its master. Naga is also very protective of the young and innocent Takashi, who she cares about very much.

The game revolves around the Foggernauts. You have to use your pet's special abilities to help them battle off the Foggernauts, and to try and stop them from going on a mission to kill the humans on the space-station. Some of the game's other characters are also there to help you along the way too. The game is very entertaining, which is why I enjoyed playing the game so much.

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