Cassian Name Generator (Wildstar)

This generator will give 15 random names for the Cassian portion of the Universe Wildstar. The Cassian people are the inheritors of Eldan 's ancient legacies. They are devotees and believe that they are part of a greater destiny. As such, they excel in many aspects of life in relation to their commitments. The names of Cassien come in two ways: highborn and lowborn. Highborn names, although more of the prior, are influenced by old Roman and ancient Greek names. Lowborn names are usually English, but their first names are usually variations of names in real life. Tomus, for example, rather than Tomas. The first six names are highborn and the last four are lowborn.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Cassian is a highly evolved race who have lived on the planet of Draay for millions of years. They are a very aggressive race and are often involved in wars between the various other races, as well as in their own struggles with the other members of the species. Because of this Cassian have become incredibly skilled at using high tech weaponry and military tactics and weapons. It has been said that Cassian can use almost any high tech weapon in the universe including super weapons, and they have even managed to build robotic space colonies which are capable of defeating some of the best of the Alliance races. As a result, Cassian are among the most powerful races in Wildstar. Cassian is one of the primary races in Wildstar, but there are many other races as well such as dwarves, gnomes, and humans and their alliance against the Wildstar.

The Cassian noble race is also the most technologically advanced and most noble of all the races in the game. They are usually very proud of their race and have an extremely rich history. They are very wealthy, and Cassian tend to get a bad rap due to being a race that gets involved in all sorts of conflicts and fights with other groups of players from around the galaxy. Cassian are known to be fierce warriors who can fight their way out of any sort of trouble, and they have become quite the legend in their own right. They are an excellent race that are considered to be very resourceful and they can take advantage of any situation that comes their way. Cassian is one of the few races that can build a fortress to protect themselves. They are also one of the most popular races to play because of their ability to build a strong army and fight with very little effort.

Highborns are a group of Cassian who work as diplomats and spies for the Alliance. These Cassian was once part of the Highborne and were once considered to be a noble race. However, they have recently been turned into something else, and they are considered to be evil by the higher classes of the Alliance. They are very resourceful and are able to use any type of high tech weapon to get out of any sort of trouble.

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