UrRu Name Generator (The Dark Crystal)

This generator of names will send you 15 random names appropriate for The Dark Crystal Universe's urRu part. UrRu are dinosaur-like beings formed as a result of an urSkek splitting into two. This split results in an urRu and a Skeksis. The UrRu is the contemplative, gentle hand. The concept artist, Brian Froud, described their presence as "between a dog and a dinosaur." The urRu side remains similar to their counterpart to Skeksis. If one experiences discomfort or dies, the other will do likewise. Yet the Urrus would never resort to violence as opposed to the Skeksis. Also, their nature does not drive them to evolve, but rather to live relatively static lives. UrRu names consist of the second half of an urSkek name with an ur-prefix. Thus names such as urAmaj, urNol, and urTih Despite being identified as sexless beings, they called urSan (and her counterpart: skekSa) female. However, this does not make much difference in terms of naming conventions, as urSan follows the same conventions as the other names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Urru, sometimes referred to as the Mystic, is among the four elemental race of Skeksis. Although they are commonly referred to Mystics, these peaceful creatures that represent the 'dark' half of Skeksis, are actually known as urRu. Slow-moving, calm, ponderous creatures, hunched backs, long necks and with six legs, urRu are long-lived, adaptable animals, possessing long lifespans. Their bodies are covered with long hair or fur and their eyes have a unique glow. Their feet, being small in size, have little nails and are tipped with long claws.

As of yet, the Urru have not been discovered or captured by the rest of the world. But they have already been found in one world in their natural form. The only creature of this nature in existence are the mystical beings who dwell in Ur, a land of mystical energy that has yet to be found or explored. These mystical beings, or urRu, are not only mysterious but also intriguing creatures, as they have only recently been found by Skeksi's.

In The Dark Crystal, a fantasy novel by Andre Norton, the Urru are a race of mysterious and magical beings who live in the lands of Skeksi. They are known to be very old and many people believe they might be the ancestors of some of the other races in Skeksi. According to the legend of The Dark Crystal, the urRu are a kind of magical animal that lived in a small forest on the surface of the planet. After some time, it was discovered that the creature could be used to create beautiful illusions in order for humans to come to terms with their emotions. The Urru, then, became the creators of the illusion and the humans were forced to come to terms with their own emotions.

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