Rohirrim Name Generator (Lord Of The Rings)

This name generator will give 15 random names of Rohirrim fit for the Lord of the Rings universe. The Rohirrim are the people of Rohan 's mighty kingdom which was originally part of Gondor before gaining independence. Rohirrim means "horse lords" reflecting their horse training and cavalry-related battle skills for which they are well known. Rohirrim names are generally Anglo-Saxon in origin, but they do have some twists here and there. Female names end in -wyn or -hild as far as we can see, but that is based on a very limited sample size. For this generator we built on them so it may be something to bear in mind.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Rohirrim are a group of Dunlendings, which are a race of tall, hairy men who reside in the Shire of Middle Earth, the land that is located in the Northern part of the world. The group of Rohirrim were one of the first groups to fight against Morgoth. The Rohirrim were also one of the first group of men to be led by a man. This was the King of Gondor, the Great House of Edain, and the Kingdom of Arnor. King Elessar, the last of the Kings of Gondor and also the High King of the West, left the throne in the year 2440 B.C and it was then assumed by his son, Elendil.

The Rohirrim were also known for their ability to ride horses. This would mean that they were one of the oldest civilizations of the world and their culture and civilization is still being explored today. Many of them were skilled artists and craftsmen as well as warriors, who were used for protection and war. One of their most famous names is Turgon, which means "the one who waits." It is not known how many members of this family actually lived during the reigns of both Elessar and Elendil. However, most scholars believe that a large portion of the Rohirrim lived during the reigns of these two rulers. They are also said to have left behind the tombs of their members in the North, which are still open to the public.

The name "Tolkien" is a word derived from the Sindarin words for "The Land of the Elves"The Land of the Trolls." These two names are the inspiration for the Rohirrim, which is in the same vein as the Dunlendings. They were an army of elves and were also known as the White Riders because of their white horses. The name Tengwar is another one of these names. The word "Tengwar" is a word from the language of the Men and the Dwarves and is derived from the name Tehtar which means "rider's horn."

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