Betezoid Name Generator (Star Trek)

This generator can create 15 random names at a time, appropriate for the Star Trek universe Betazoid species. Betazoids are a group of telepathic humanoids that look just like humans, except for black irises. Betazoids can balance humans, such as Klingons, and other humanoid species. Betazoid culture was a very truthful one, which is no great surprise due to its telepathic ability. However, other animals who are used to telling a lie to save one's feelings , for example, may also appear disrespectful about their integrity. Even their telepathic ability helps the Betazoids to sense animals' emotions and thoughts, which is why they don't ride horses. At one time, however, it was fashionable in an elaborate wig to dress caged animals. Betazoid names are very melodic and remind us of some African names, but shorter. First names tend to be softer and more melodic than surnames, which have much harsher sounds. There were not so many canon names available, but women's names tend to sound feminine and male names tend to sound very masculine, although on certain occasions the reverse is true so.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Betazoid race was a telepathic human race originating on the Federation planet Betazed. Their homeworld, Betazed, is located at the centre of the Beta Quadrant. They were not able to leave their home planet due to its atmospheric conditions. The Betazoid race developed telepathy as a natural tool for survival and for communication with fellow beings they met on their travels throughout the galaxy. Their telepathic abilities were enhanced by genetic modifications they underwent as part of a plan devised by the Federation scientists on Betazed, who hoped to create a race of super-intelligent beings that could rule over the rest of the galaxy in the future.

When the Betazoid race discovered the advanced technology of the Federation scientists, they attempted to steal their knowledge. The Federation's only means of containing them was to send an unmanned probe to the Delta Quadrant, where the Betazoid race lived. Once this probe had been placed in space near Betazed, the Betazoid vessel crash-landed there. The probe retrieved its data from inside the wrecked ship, which revealed the existence of several ancient alien ruins. The probe then transmitted this information back to the Federation, allowing the Federation to establish contact with the Betazoid species. Using this information, the Federation was able to develop a way to capture the Betazoid ships and capture their members. The Federation was then able to use telepathy to control these alien creatures and send them into battle against the Klingons in order to protect Earth.

The Federation quickly began developing telepathic technology and soon created several races who had telepathic abilities. The Klingons, meanwhile, were unable to reproduce without the help of a Betazoid mate. The two species soon developed a mutual respect for each other and began trading telepathic technology in order to strengthen each others military might. They also collaborated on a plan to capture a Betazoid ship in order to use it to destroy the Klingon home planet. The Betazoid species also provided the Klingons with some valuable intelligence regarding how to defeat the Klingons. Through this alliance, the Federation and the Klingons developed a mutual respect for one another and grew closer as a result.

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