Trandoshan Name Generator (Star Wars)

This name generator can produce 15 names appropriate for the Star Wars universe Trandoshan race. Trandoshans are huge humanoid reptilians with large mouth full of pointed teeth and tiny yellow-orange eyes. They had three to four digits on their palms, and three on their feet, all with heel-like tips. They covered their skin with slimy scales that ranged from green to yellow and brown to red tints. The Trandoshan savored to the thrill of hunting and was renowned for his sporting abilities. Typically a search was also a passage rite for Trandoshans. Trandoshan names are very rough and involve a lot of elongated words, as well as a lot of s. Differences between male and female names are always very small, but the female names have a greater chance of having softer tones.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Trandoshan is an extremely powerful character in the Star Wars Universe. In the Star Wars universe, they are a creature made of dark matter (more commonly known as "the dark side") who have a number of features which make them unique. They have sharp teeth, very large eyes, strong claws, thick hides, and a strong constitution. These characteristics make the Trandoshan particularly adept at fighting, a fact which gives them the ability to hold their own against many different types of opponents. Although the Star Wars trandoshan female was not in any way designed with fighting skills in mind, they have been known to be quite effective in a melee combat situation. Trandoshan in particular have the ability to use their thick hides and sharp claws to great effect. Because of their strength, these animals are quite dangerous in large groups and are therefore not often found alone.

Because the Trandoshan is a creature of the dark side, their intelligence is considerably higher than average, with most being around two-hundred and seventy to three-hundred and twenty-five Intelligence points. Their Strength is also above normal, and because of this, their speed is above normal. The Trandoshan's Stamina, however, is below average. This makes them susceptible to injury as well as being easily fatigued.

Because the Star Wars trandoshan female was not in any way designed for fighting, they do not possess nearly as much armor or health as their male counterparts. Instead, they have the strength to take on several opponents on their own, although they are usually accompanied by a Trandoshan male. Because the males tend to outnumber the females by far, they often attack first. Although this can leave the female with few chances to fight back, she is able to outlast the male by a considerable amount, thus ensuring her victory.

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