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This generator will produce 15 random Nepalese names in Romanized form. Nepal is a Himalayan country bordered by South India and Northern China. It has a wide range of geographical areas, including hills lined with trees, coastal areas and naturally the Himalayas itself. About 81 percent of its 27 million inhabitants are Hindu, while many will regard themselves as both Hindu and Buddhist. This fusion of two religions is seen in their names too, many of which are of Hindu or Buddhist origin, but typically vary from the more common names. In this generator, you can find these variations and names that you might usually find in either religion, but of course in Nepali.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Nepal is a landlocked country located in the South Asia region. It is considered the third largest country in the world after India and China and was also called by the Chinese as the 'land of the two rivers' in reference to the upper and lower parts of its country. A vast majority of the population of Nepal is comprised of ethnic minorities like Tibetans and Bhutias who were once settled in northern India. Today, the most predominant ethnic group of Nepal is the ethnic group known as the Khumbu people and they are mostly found in the Himalayan region. Since Nepal is not very far from India it has a great importance in India and thus a large number of Indian tourists go there every year to enjoy their holiday.

In order to find a name for a specific location in Nepal, an extensive questionnaire-based survey was carried out by Nepalese in Connecticut. The names of different places that the surveyors found popular among the locals were then submitted to a research panel who were members of an indigenous community. Once the names were submitted to a committee, they spent several months collecting all the necessary information before compiling the list of possible names for the desired locations. After the names were compiled, the list was sent to the Nepalese in Connecticut. The name of the desired location that was chosen by the respondents was then chosen. After that a surveyor was sent to Nepal with the names in tow and he would go over the locations with a fine tooth comb in order to find a suitable name for the place.

After the name had been selected and approved by the Nepalese in Connecticut, the surveyor would have a rough idea about the region in which the place is situated. This would help him decide if it is a suitable name or not for the desired location. Once the names are approved, they are published in a local newspaper. For more information regarding the name of a particular area you can visit the website of the Nepal Himalayas Bureau. In addition to the name of the place, Nepal Himalayas Bureau will provide you with the location map as well as a detailed description of the terrain. The website is highly recommended because it provides information on several related subjects such as language, dialect, history, culture, art and heritage and monuments. The website also includes an online map that shows the geographical location of the region of Nepal Himalayas.

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