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You get 15 random names for a Volcano from this name generator, but many of the names also work for other hot and/or violent mountains, including desert mountains and stormy peaks. The first three names are short and descriptive and often start with 'Peak.' The four names that follow are longer descriptive names, that could be used as more of a nickname or as one of several names for a particular volcano or mountain, or as "Mount Doom," and "Mount Nefarious." Names such as The Burning Top, The Melting Edge, and the Inferno Apex. The last three names are crazy names that you may claim. It may be the name of the mountain itself, the name of the mountain's part, the name of a king or emperor after whom the volcano or a devil 's name was called. The names are randomized and generated according to other cultures and languages, so that some names can fit in the best harsh, guttural language, while others suit a soft, melodic language better.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Volcanoes are entrances, or vents, into the Earth which, when molten lava, magma, and tephra erupt from within, cause geysers, mud volcanoes, and other volcanic sights and sounds. Most volcanoes form from faulting of the earth's crust, folding, uplifting, and even erosion of its surface. As magma from an eruption erupts from a volcanic vent it is often referred to as magnetic material, but when it erupts into a volcano, it is referred to as lava. In addition to the visual effects that volcanoes have on land, they can also cause loud noises underground.

The geographical name for any volcano is a reference to the location where the volcano formed. There are several kinds of volcanoes, and their names represent a variety of things. The most common names for volcanoes are for those in Asia and Africa. A volcano is a large object that has erupted, usually leaving large ash, rock, or stone, at its base. Often there is little left of the volcano, as it has cooled down, although some eruptions can leave large volcanic debris. Some of these volcanic debris may fall into the ocean, where it becomes part of the ocean's life, including the sea life in the area. A volcano can also be named after a town or city, which can sometimes be a more direct reference to its location and people.

One volcano, Mount Fuji is commonly referred to as the "Emperor of the Mountain," as it sits over a city, so its name is taken from the name of a city. Other names for volcanoes have taken on a completely different meaning. For example, Mount Yellowstone is often referred to as a "fire volcano" because of eruptions of hot magma which are very hot and are believed to be responsible for a fire in the area. The word "volcano" originally meant a hole in the ground, so this is a hole in the ground created by volcanic activity. When naming volcanoes it is always good to refer to their locations by what the name suggests and to use words that reflect their geological structure, otherwise they can seem misleading.

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