Centaur Name Generator (World Of Warcraft)

This name generator gives you 15 random names that are fit for both the World of Warcraft centaurs and the Warcraft universe in general. Centaurs are tribal species living primarily in Desolace and the Barrens, but also in many other areas of the world. In Desolace and Barrens both the tauren and other centaurs are in perpetual war. They often struggle over land, but the centaurs are by nature a feral and bloodthirsty species, so some fighting exists only in the interests of combat. The names of the Centaurs are mostly guttural, with some harsher tones. Female names tend to be slightly softer sounding, mostly thanks to more h's in their names. This is based on just three known names, however.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The World of Warcraft Centaur race is not something that any WoW players will ever run into. It is a bit odd and strange, and a little confusing to say the least, as they don't even appear on the continent of Northrend, but rather in the far northern reaches of the world. Their homeland is Desolace and it is here in this region that the first WoW Centaur appears. Pariah wanders down the wastelands at the far southern edge of Desolace. In WoW terms, you would call him a "Christ Figure."

He is an outcast looking like a half-man half-horse man who seeks to be accepted as a member of the Pariah faction. His goal in writing this book is to unite the centaur race into a strong and united race similar to the Orc and Night Elf. His primary mission is to unite all the tribes of the centaur and create a united front against the undead Scourge that threatens the whole continent. He also wants to help humanity get rid of the evil Night Elves once and for all. The other character's focus is to try and stop him from doing this and instead help him do it. They have varying degrees of success in this endeavor. The main character, Stokley, is more successful than the others but still is defeated.

The two other main characters are a half-elf, named Lorna, and a half-night elf, named Loran. Each has their own problems to deal with, both of which relate to the World of Warcraft Centaur race. This book is well-written and is a good read for anyone interested in WoW. I would suggest it to anyone who has ever played World of Warcraft and are interested in how the race came about. There is a lot of information presented in this book, which makes it a bit daunting. For that reason, I would suggest that you pick up the official World of Warcraft website so that you can get access to all the latest news, and new developments regarding the World of Warcraft Centaur race.

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