Bajoran Name Generator (Star Trek)

This generator can produce 15 random names at one time, appropriate for the Star Trek universe's Bajoran species. The Bajorans are a race of humanoids closely resembling humans. The only noticeable physical distinction is the series of horizontal creases around the faces. The spiritual leader, called the Kai, has much power, for both moral and political reasons. Alongside the First Minister, the Kai administers the world. The Vedek Assembly and the Chamber of Ministers endorse them, respectively. One Bajoran can be both Kai and First Minister, since both are chosen. Bajoran names sound a little Middle Eastern or Asian, which is expressed in the order of names as well. As in a lot of Asian countries, first comes the surname, then the real name. Generally speaking, female names appear to sound more melodic than male names, although there are plenty of examples of melodic male names and more harsh sounding female names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The class-M planet of the Bajoran humanoid species is a little Earth-like on appearance with blue oceans and seas resembling more blue than Earth from space. Long before the Federation of Federation and the United Federation of Planets came into existence, the Bajoran had been exploring the stars for hundreds of centuries as well as exploring their own planet. They also made great leaps into expanding their society and culture with many of the first recorded use of the Bajoran alphabet and some of their first written languages.

Although the Bajorans were an ancient people, they never developed a written language until sometime after the early 21st century, when they discovered a new mineral, the Kazon, that they could use to create such an alphabet. With the advent of Federation and the United Federation of Planets contact with the Bajorans in the mid-twentieth century, many of these newly developed Bajoran cultures adopted Federation and United Federation of Planets terminology. This would help them feel comfortable in the Federation and United Federation of Planets cultures. However, not all Bajoran became members of either the Federation or the United Federation of Planets and many chose to remain part of their Bajoran culture instead. Others were more assimilated into either one.

There are two types of Bajorans, the first being the male members of the species and the other being female Bajorans. These two genders are often referred to as male and female. The male gender usually has different names, while the female Bajoran generally use the same names. When Bajoran names are given to males, it is most common to use the full name of the person. But, if the individual is known by his first or full name in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, it is most likely that the Bajoran give their names to the individual by their last names. Bajorans have many interesting traditions associated with their names and cultures such as naming a child after a fallen officer of his/her home planet and naming that same child Bajoran.

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