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This generator produces 15 random names, which typically match nymphs in most stories. Nymphs are lovely, female, natural deities that come from Greek mythology. There are five forms of nymphs within this mythology: Celestial, water , earth, herb, and the underworld. Nymphs appear to live in unique areas of their kind. The nymphs are also seen as sexual creatures, free from men's influence, and as seductresses of men and women alike. As far as names are concerned, nymphs appear to have melodic names that are typically based on Greek names at least loosely. This generator name is no different, because we have typically used Greek names as an inspiration, but here and there are some other components.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

In ancient Greek mythology, a nymph is a small female nature creature. Contrary to Greek gods, nymphs usually aren't portrayed as being female, are more like mythological minor goddesses, are tied to a particular geographical region or location, and most often depict as beautiful women. The word nymph comes from the Greek words neus which means "female" and phaeton which means "fish". The nymph is a sea creature and is described as being very beautiful with soft flowing hair, graceful hips, delicate breasts, and a sweet voice.

The Greek god Poseidon was believed to be the god of all sea creatures; thus, the nymph became a divine creature associated with him. Other names given to the nymph include Arosha or Ashtoreth. Nymphs have been described as seductive creatures who bathe the men with their enchanting perfume and use their beauty and sex appeal to tempt them into sexual intimacy. These are usually depicted as wearing no clothes except for a fish tail garland around the waist. However, some cultures view nymphs as nude women.

There is some debate as to the exact meaning of the nymph's name. The meaning of the word nymphete is "naked" and is often associated with the nude woman bathing in her own natural water. However, the term "nymph" also means "one that sings" in Greek and it is quite possible that a nymph is singing to a lover. In addition, it has been recorded that nymphs were originally considered to be "fishes" or "seas" but this is not the case in other cultures. In some Greek mythology, the nymph is associated with the goddess Aphrodite and the god Cupid.

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