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This name generator produces 15 random lamia names based loosely on Greek names. Lamia was a beautiful Libyan queen and a Zeus mistress. Hera, the wife of Zeus, became jealous, murdered or stole the children of Lamia. Some sources claim that it drove Lamia crazy and made her the beast we know today, other accounts tell Hera made her into the beast. Lamia became a demon-like creature with a woman's (herself) torso and a snake's body under her waist. Lamia's appearance has changed a lot over the years according to various tales, but today lamia prefers to refer to people with the snake under the belly. Lamias are often in most fictional works mostly female, but there and there are male variants, but mostly under a different name. Since Lamia herself is only one kind of creature, her name is also the only name for lamias. Sure, her name was given to her in human form, but since this myth is of Greek origin, for this generator we used Greek names. We have concentrated more on dark sounds and serpent-like sounds, so that the sounds 's', 'ph,' 'th' and 'sh' are mostly used.

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Lamia, also known as a serpent demons, in classical mythology, the most famous demoness. In some classical writings on Aristophanes, the Peace, she is described as a queen of Cyprus who was very dear to Zeus, the sky-god and god of the winds. When Zeus stole her children from her marriage, Lamia murdered every single one she could get her hands on. She was therefore cast out into the underworld. Her body then became a place of torture and torment to all those who wished to get hold of the fruit from her body; for this reason she became a popular symbol for the punishment of earthly punishments. However, the story behind Lamia's birth is very different. Her origin was far more romantic than her punishment.

Lamia is said to have been born to a king, and is thus related to the Trojan War. King Priam fell in love with a nymph named Lamia. Lamia desired a child, but Priam refused her. For this reason, Lamia slew Priam's wife and took the infant Priam as her own and gave him to Zeus, the sky-god as a gift. Lamia became pregnant and the baby, whom she named Lamia, was sent down to earth. However, because he was related to Lamia, he was given the epithet of son of Lamia; thus Lamias was called a "son of Lamia" which he was until Zeus transformed his father into a serpent so that the newborn Lamias would never be able to breathe air.

Lamia did not die in the womb, but escaped and got himself immortal. He went into the underworld and became a god, and Lamia continued to be a symbol of female power and love. After this, she was frequently seen as a symbol of love for Alexander the Great; and many have interpreted this as a sign of the love between Alexander and Cleopatra. She is also the reason why Alexander named his daughter after her, Cleopatra, after her. Therefore, it is no wonder that even today the name "Lamia" means "Queen of Love."

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