Togruta Name Generator (Star Wars)

This name generator will produce 15 names that suit the part of the Star Wars universe for the Togruta species. Togruta are a group of humanoids from the planet Shili. They have colorful coats, a collection of head-tails and displays on their heads and a hollow horn-like projection. The Togruta value unity and their ties with each other, something important on their world as it was also home to big monsters that could only be overcome effectively by teamwork. Many of these creatures even hunted together, further increasing the importance of teamwork. Togruta also valued friendships with other species , especially when they were away from their own home and/or family. In spite of their relatively quiet and silent personalities, making friends was simple for them. Togruta names are very melodic, more so in the case of female names compared to male ones. The most popular are two syllable names, but three syllables are not that rare either. Among female names even one syllable names appears. Surnames follow similar trends in length, and vary from one to three syllables.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Togruta are a family of three-headed, winged reptilian aliens. These three headed reptiles are known as the Togruta. To date, the Togruta are the only species native to the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order. On their home planet of Shila, they live in a community of three hundred and fifty to four hundred members. These members form a tight-knit community in which everyone looks out for each other, even if they have to sacrifice part of their lives to do it. The inhabitants of Shila are also known for being very good fighters and the strongest fighters among all three headed reptiles. Their fighting skills are legendary.

The Togruta share a strong sense of brotherhood and unity with each other. On their home planet of Shila, they band together and depend on each other to fight against the large predatory animals that constantly terrorize them. The largest creatures of Shila most often attack from packs, which was also why the Togruta formed such close bonds with each other. They feel that if they work together, they will be protected from the large beasts. To make their bond stronger, Togruta often sacrifice parts of their lives to strengthen it. The two headed, powerful creatures of Shila fight against the evil that the small, weak creature of Shil would otherwise be vulnerable to. It is believed that the entire universe is threatened by Shil, the King of All Insects, so they make it a point to protect the small creature of Shil, no matter what the cost to themselves.

When the Togruta first arrive in the galaxy, they were not welcomed as well as they are now. They were not welcomed into the Galactic Republic for fear of the dangers they presented. This fear was a great reason why many of the people and planets of the galaxy felt that the Togruta were not welcome to stay. However, the Togruta came to the galaxy and found ways to make themselves welcome. By finding the strengths that the Galactic Republic had and makes those strengths better, the Togruta became the first species in the Galaxy to come under the protection of the Galactic Republic. and its founder, the Jedi Master, Qui-Gon Jinn. and his apprentice, Anakin Skywalker.

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