Pacific Rim Jaeger & Kaiju Name Generator

This name generator will send you 15 random names based on the Pacific Rim universe for Jaegers and Kaiju. Pacific Rim is a movie universe about a future-oriented World at war with giant monsters called Kaiju. Humanity constructs massive mechas called Jaegers to battle these giants. Mechas and big monsters are of course not special to Pacific Rim, but the film served as a strong base for naming conventions, hence the name generator.Jaeger names appear to be two word names and a combination of mostly nouns and adjectives, names like 'Gipsy Threat,' 'Chrome Brutus' and 'Shaolin Rogue.' In this generator the names follow the same conventions. The names of kaiju are more varied and vary from Japanese names and compound names (Tailspitter, Meathead, Bonesquid) to single words (Hardship, Hound, Reckoner). There are several names that often have no meaning, but they mostly seem to be based on actual words but only missing or modified with a letter or two. For instance, one Kaiju is named 'Rachnid,' which possibly comes from the word 'Arachnid' although this is disputed by the screenwriter. This generator focuses on the names of Kaiju compound and single word. The Japanese names are also sometimes compound names, at least when translated, so you might translate the English compound names into Japanese if you really want a Japanese name. But if you don't speak Japanese like me it's going to be hard to get them right, so why we left them out of this generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Pacific Rim is set in the future, in a world where the oceans have been divided up into seven main islands by the two superpowers the US and China. Each of these seven islands has their own unique culture, traditions and unique way of life, with each one featuring the culture of a distinct nation. In the movie this is expanded to seven separate nations, each of which has its own specific population living within its borders and protected by their military forces. Each of these countries is a different type of fighting force, with Japan being the most prominent as the world's strongest.

The Pacific Rim action figures are just like you'd expect them to be - they feature a variety of different figures from each country, complete with their own unique weapons, and a great selection of poses that allow you to recreate every action scene from the movie. The Pacific Rim Kaiju figures come in two packs - one pack is made up of two figures, the second pack features four. Each of the two packs also contain a bonus pack, which features ten pieces of scenery, two of the movie's alien creatures, and two character figures. It also comes with a sixteen page, full color comic book that tells the story behind the film, and the movie's villains, and some of the movie's more popular creatures.

The Japanese Kaiju is perhaps the most recognizable Kaiju in the film and is voiced by none other than Sylvester Stallone. His face is sculpted in a very realistic style, and he stands seven inches tall. He also features a wide range of different poses, allowing you to create almost any action scene from the movie. The biggest problem with these Kaiju toys is that they aren't very good at fighting - they're much too small and can't really hurt anyone. Fortunately though, there are some great looking custom figures available, which you can purchase and then build to your specifications!

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