Manananggal Name Generator

This generator will create fifteen random names for manananggal and other related creatures including mandurugo and sigbin. The manananggal is a hideous, vampire-like, philippine folklore monster. It is able to develop big, bat-like wings and detach its body from its tail. The names of this generator are largely influenced by Tagalog (or Filipino), the national language of the Philippines, which means that names match many of the other Filipino folklore creatures as well, especially the Mandurugu and Sigbin who are other sucking, vampirelike creatures.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

When it comes to fiction the Manananggal remains among the most popular fantasy creatures. The Manananggal is said to be evil, most often monstrous, always portrayed as a female, and capable of separating its head from its body and flying into the evening in search of its lost victims. The word "Manananggal" comes from the Tagalog word tunggal, which means "winged"bird-like". The original Manananggal in the Philippines is the Bichir Manananggal - also known as the "flying monkeys". The Bichir Manananggal was native to the Philippines islands but has been bred over the centuries and is now a much sought after ornithologist, conservationist and zoologist.

The Manananggal can be found almost anywhere on the globe, though the Philippines is one of the favorite destinations. It's an insect-eaters and is a close relative of the Pterodactyl, an extinct animal that roamed the earth at the same time as the Manananggal. Most Mananagals are wingless with big red eyes, but there are some that are a bit less colorful, their eyes are brown, gray, or green. The Manananggal prefers dark environments and can live in forests, swamps, jungles and the desert. A Manananggal can live for a long time, even hundreds of years or more, especially the Bichir Manananggal that is native to the Philippines Islands.

Like the Bichir Manananggamil, the Manananggamil is a solitary creature. They usually have a single mate who will raise and rear the entire group, as well as for their young. The Manananggal is a vegetarian with a wide variety of diets including fruits, seeds and nuts. It is a solitary predator that is known for its intelligence, curiosity, stealth and the ability to fly. Some of the Manananggal species have been known to eat the bones of their prey in order to gain nutrients and energy. The Manananggalian is said to have the longest tail in the world, reaching up to three feet in length.