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The kobolds are small and sometimes hideous sprites from Germanic mythology, but nowadays they come in every form and scale. This generator generates 15 random names and surnames of kobolds. The original kobolds were supernatural entities who could transform into animals , human entities, fires and candles ("You take no candles!"). There are also many different types of kobolds, such as house-builders and mine and water kobolds / spirits. As far as names are concerned, kobold names are sometimes quite harsh and often very guttural, but vary a great deal from universe to universe. Surnames often appear to be much different, but mostly do not contain any of the more common surnames such as 'Graytongue,' 'Mudbasher,' etc. These are the names in this generator. We break the names into men , women and neutrals based solely on characteristics, which in our names appear to be more feminine, masculine and unisexual. Of course, this does not mean anything to the level of kobolds. They are entirely fictitious and, depending on the context of history, have to take into consideration their own naming traditions and cultural features. What they are depends entirely on you or on whatever field of history you go through.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

"Kobold," the nickname of the Kobolds that inspired my first Kobolds roleplaying game, is an interesting and intriguing creature. I always assumed it was simply a nickname that came from the game's creator Wolfgang Baur's time in Germany's communist party. But now, after much research into the subject matter of kobolds, I find the story of their origin to be much more interesting than what I first thought. The story of the kobold comes from one of the most popular fantasy novels of the early nineteen hundreds: Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. In this story, Alice (Carroll) and her friends encounter an enormous green monster who forces them to drink its "milk of maggots," a magical potion that will instantly kill any human who drinks it.

The kobold is actually named after a German communist party, the Bund Deutscher Kompromat, which believed in universal love, equality and freedom. This belief gave birth to the kobolds' original name, the "Unspeakable." The Unspeakable was defeated by the Knightsbridge Cats, one of the most powerful heroes of this classic fairy tale. Afterward, the kobold name was changed to "Kobold" and their name was made public, which became the basis for the Kobold name for a game designed by Wolfgang Baur of Kobold Games. "Kobold" is the first name that Baur chose to be associated with the Kobold. I'm not sure whether the name came about because Baur was aware of the political connotations of the word "kobold," or if he wanted his game to have something a little more original than "Unspeakable," but either way, the name stuck.

The Kobold name itself has a bit of history. The Kobold were once members of the Church of Stygia, which believed that all evil things were caused by evil spirits. The name "Kobold" was derived from the word "kobus," a Greek word meaning "evil spirit"bad spirit."

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