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This name generator gives you 15 random Belarusian names. Belarus is a country with a population of less than 15 million people in Eastern Europe. It is a very young country that, as many other countries had, was only independent of Soviet Russia in 1991. Russia's influences continue, and in Belarusian names too, to be seen today, but there are many elements unlike Belarus. While Russian and Polish surnames are relatively common, Belarusian surnames may have their own suffixes. Names that end in -enak or -ak, for example, are distinctly Belarusian, but the way names are written is distinctly different. Although Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian are mutually intelligible as languages, minor variations like the variations between dialects distinguish Belarusian names from Russian names. But that doesn't mean that Russian names are unusual in Belarus. After all, about 10 % of the population is Russian.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A Belarusian individual's full name consists of three parts: first name, patronymic (after the father), and family name (surnames). A Belarusian person's full name, or personal name, is usually written as a family name followed by the patronymic (after the father) followed by the surname. Belarusian personal names are usually written in two different ways - first part is written as an initial consonant followed by a final vowel while the second part is written as an initial consonant followed by two final vowels. Most Belarusian use only the former writing style, but some people also speak Belarusian using the latter. As with many other cultures, most Belarusians choose their name from parents or grandparents.

Belarusian tend to use only one initial, which makes their names sound different from others. For instance, a Belarusian individual named Bob could be called by his nickname: Bob, Bob, or Bob. In Belarusian culture and tradition, Belarusian prefer not to use middle names, instead choosing a personal name or a last name. However, some Belarusians do use middle names for example: Misha or Ivan. Many Belarusian also use family names as their personal name. Many Belarusian also choose to use the name of their father and mother as their family name. It is also common to use the family name of one's ancestors, while still others may use a variant spelling of the father and mother's name.

A Belarusian name is not only chosen because the name has a meaning or because it is easy to pronounce, but most important of all, it is chosen because the name is meaningful. Each Belarusian name is meaningful in a different way. For example, an individual named Vasilij who was born in Belarus would use the name Vasilij as his family name in order to distinguish himself from other Belarusian of the same name. Likewise, each Belarusian individual's personal name is significant in its own way, with his or her family name being significant in both Belarusian culture and tradition, and with the Belarusian spelling (Vasilij) reflecting the fact that the name is not necessarily unique.

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