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Tadzikistan is a highly mountainous country in Central Asia which is situated north of Afghanistan and west of China. It has a population of approximately 8.7 million. The Tajik, which forms the bulk of the 8.7 million, is an ethnic group. In fact, the region of what is today Tajikistan was ruled by many different kingdoms and empires and had many different official faiths. As far as names go, the people of Tajikh did not use surnames until the Soviet Union took power in 1924, after which they followed a Russian rule where the name of the father was changed by suffixing. However, we did not include this system in this generator.

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The Tajik people are a Turkoman group of people who live in Central Asia. As they say, they have lived in the region since the 13th century and still hold a great deal of land. They speak a Turkoman language, which is a group of Altaic languages, and have a number of Turkoman tribes who live in the Central Asian region. A great many of them speak Tajik, which is a Turkoman language, or at least some type of Tajik dialect. Most are also in keeping with the native preference for purely Tajik names - those rooted more in Persian, such as the Tajik alphabet itself, or those which are simply patriotic in nature - Turkic or Turkoman names.

Although Tajik does not have a separate identity, it is the second most spoken language in Central Asia. It is also widely used in other places in the former Soviet Union as well as in the former Czech Republic. A large number of ethnic groups speak this language. In fact, the country has three official languages: Tajik (commonly known as Tajiks), Russian, and Belarusian.

When it comes to naming a child, most Tajik parents name him or her after their ethnicity, whether it be Tajik Turkoman, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Belarusian, or Russian. However, there is no specific Tajik national identity in Tajikistan and as such many parents will choose names of their own. The most common names in Tajikistan are those of the local population, such as "Azimov," "Gornyad," "Khanov," "Karakulova," and "Oshirov," which are often taken from the names of local leaders. Other commonly used names include those derived from religious figures, including names of patron saints, such as "Bagrat," "Khatun," and "Mumtaz."

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