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This name generator offers you 15 random names for film and technology firms, brands and sporting firms. The names were based on businesses in real life. But though you're not going to find any brands like Google or Adidas here, you'll find brands in the Facebook, Microsoft and Pixar models. The first three names are the most common names that seem to have a random word followed by the name type company, such as 'Padlock Defense' or 'Arcane Electronics.' Electronic Arts and Adobe Systems are close. The next 4 names use the same first terms as can be used in the previous three names, but they have been changed to incorporate their company by playing on terms and the same types. The first two words are the same as those used by businesses including Apple, Oracle and Steam. So you will find names such as 'Arcanetworks,' 'Heartelligence' and 'Blossomotors.' The last three names are combinations of two words to form a new single word, similar to companies such as Capcom, Compaq, and Netscape. These names do not always make sense because of their random, but many will fit into the naming style of companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Lionhead and Goodyear.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is a Business? A business, also known as a corporation, is an entity that represents an individual or organization with a certain purpose, either personal or business related. Businesses share a set purpose and unite together to attain specific, defined goals. When the purpose of a business is to provide a service, product, or item to the public, it is commonly known as a service or product business.

Many people in business today do not fully grasp the concept of corporate governance. The term "corporation" is actually a misnomer, since a corporation is nothing more than a group of people who hold shares in an organization or group of people. A corporation is created by a written charter drawn up by the shareholders of a company. This charter is not given to the public, but is available only to investors, which include corporations, banks, organizations and trusts. A public corporation is created by an act of congress or state legislators.

The purpose of a business is to make money. If a business is not earning money, it will not continue to exist and may be forced out of business through bankruptcy. There are many types of businesses, each with its own rules and regulations. There are also various types of companies in the United States, including manufacturers, distributors, brokers, retailers, government agencies, and nonprofit groups. These companies are also often called cooperatives or organizations. A common type of business is the retail business. This includes retail stores, drugstores, hotels, motels, and restaurants.

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