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It gives you 15 obscure names for caps, hoods, masks and other headgear. In general, most names suit better than other fictional genres, although certain names work in almost all ways. The names are classified into five different groups, depending on the development of the name. Names and divisions are rather automatic, so here is a short overview: – The first two names are 'Helm of Adjective Noun' names. -- The following 2 names are like the first 2, but with added material. -- The following two names are 'Material Helm' names. -- The next 2 names are '(Adjective) Helm' names. -- 'Adjective / Verb / Preposing (the) Noun' names are the last 2 names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Helmets are categorized as one of four armor types - primary, secondary, epic, or raid armor. Helmets are a group of items that appear graphically in front of the player and provide different degrees of defense from standard physical damage types. These items usually contain several different tiers of headgear, arm armor, chest armor, gloves, boots, and leg guards, which can all be put into designated armor slots on a character's inventory for easy use. There are also special items, like rings, that are part of the category.

Headgear is usually categorized by class, meaning a specific type of helmet is worn by specific classes. Each of these four different helmets have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, depending upon what type of defense the player will need to provide. For example, a player wearing a warrior helmet will usually have good defense against basic weapons, but little in the way of damage resistance. A player wearing an assassin helmet can be a very effective player at ranged combat, but may not be as useful at dealing damage to the player's target at close range.

Helmets come in many different materials. Each type of material has its own level of protection against physical damage. Metal helmets are the most common and popular material, due to their durability and resistance to impact. They can also be very expensive due to the rarity and quality of metals used in the production of each individual helmet. Plastic is also another popular type of material and is often less durable than metal or even leather. However, some plastic helmets are made from materials such as polymer resin, which has much the same properties as metal, but is usually cheaper. Leather, as far as protection goes, is usually reserved for the more elite class characters, although it is very popular as the material for some higher end PvP gear.

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