Dunlendings Name Generator (Lord Of The Rings)

This name generator will give you 15 random names for the Lord of the Rings universe fit for Dunlendings. The Dunlendings, also known as the Dunland Wildmen, were a vengeful people pushed by the Rohan people into the mountains of Dunland. The Dunlendings wanted vengeance for this, and as a result Saruman was exploited during The Two Towers story events. The names of Dunlendings are typically plain and guttural. In particular, names ending in -oc and -doc are popular but only among men. Female names are more complex but they often adopt the simpler and guttural characteristics that male names have.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Dunlendings were originally a group of hobbits that lived at Bag End, a place in the north of Middle Earth. In the trilogy Lord of the Rings the main character Frodo Baggins was a Dunlending and he was also the son of two elves, Legolas and Galadriel. They left their homes and moved to the Shire, where they settled down in the Westron country of Arrahand. It was there that they met Bilbo Baggins and they fell in love. Then, when Bilbo went off to fight in the War of the Ring, they stayed in Bag End, living and raising their family there until Frodo returned from his journey.

The name is a reference to the hobbit race that hobbits were said to be related to. This makes the race the hobbits-elves and hobbits-hobbits-ogres of Middle Earth. The story about Frodo and Bilbo's love is what made them the perfect couple; and it is also why they were so popular with people, especially the children. In Lord of the Rings the Dunlendings family had a long history as an excellent one. Many people believe that Lord of the Rings was based on real events in the history of the Dunlendings.

When the Lord of the Rings trilogy was released on DVD, many people enjoyed seeing these characters and they were able to see their favorite Dunlendings in the movies. They enjoyed watching the movie as much as the books and enjoyed having their family immortalized in movies and in books. As a result, the name was changed into hobbits, and the original tribe became known as the Dunlendings. But, even now the name is kept because of its association with the book and the franchise.

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