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It generates 15 random Hungarian names and surnames. Hungary is a Central European country with a population of about 15 million. Hungary has a tumultuous history of occupation and conflict, but has progressed very well since its 1989 transition from communism to capitalism. The Hungarian names are written as surnames after a first name and then a second name (if given). This generator also presents first surnames, then first names. Many names can be used as a surname and a nickname, so you can often see the same name in the generator, which is not very normal in real life, but happens.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Hungarians are known to be one of the most colorful of countries today, which is perhaps the reason why many people think they have many unique names. In fact, many Hungarians have their own unique ways of referring to themselves, although some of them are similar to those of the English people. Some even end up with names that can be found throughout the world. These are known as cultural variations, and the interesting thing about this particular type of name is that many of them are actually quite simple to identify from the rest of the country's other unique names.

The most well known type of name for Hungarians is the Hungarian name of Budapest, which is very much in line with the original meaning of the city. Since most of these people migrated to America before the breakup of the socialist empire in 1918, many of them took on the name of Budapest (Magyar) in America. While the original meaning is still popular today, the meaning of the name itself has changed. Today, it is more commonly used as a name in Europe, especially to indicate the ethnic origin of someone, while at the same time using the traditional Hungarian language pronunciation.

Another famous type of name for Hungarians is the Hungarian surname, which is also called Magyar surname. In the original meaning of the word, Magyar is something of an honorific, but in modern times the term is not necessarily reserved for individuals of the highest status. Most commonly, a Hungarian surname refers to someone who lives in the area, but whose parents or grandparents have lived there for at least five generations. If the person has lived in the area for ten years or more, they will often call themselves a Magyar. Many Hungarians also have the title of Magyar (or Magyarszár) which indicates that they have lived there for more than five hundred years. If they have lived in Budapest for this long, they will have this title as well.

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