Centaur Name Generator (Dungeons & Dragons)

This name generator gives you 15 names that usually match the centaurs in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Centaurs are a combination of horses and elf-like humanoids that reside mostly in Ravnica. Although this town is nothing like the wide open plain of other centaurs, it is not like a forest road or a wide open field that stops them from going through the streets. Centaurs celebrate life and nature, particularly birth is a cause for celebration, but there are many other occasions for festivities that are often coated in ancient traditions and rituals. Kiros, Vrol, Am'zin, Dalthyria and Aldrudis are included in their names. Female names tend to be lighter and melodic, although this is not a rigid rule in naming. Surnames are composite names connected to the presence or existence of the centaur. Names such as Rocktree, Oakenhoof and Dustborne are included.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Centaur is perhaps one of the most widely known of all animal species from ancient civilizations all over the world. The Greeks referred to the centaurs as 'triadades', or 'three heads'. Many medieval bestiaries described a half-man, half-horse creature known as a Wikipedia: centaur. Most of these medieval creatures were derived from Greek mythology and were often associated with the nymphs. Today, these nymphs are known as centaurs and their characteristics are often the inspiration for naming a new centaur pet.

Centaur names are surprisingly easy to come up with and it's not uncommon to find names that incorporate elements from mythological stories and classical literature into the Centaur's name. Some medieval animal names have been used in modern day popular culture as well, such as 'Druid'Owl'. In fact, Druid and Owl are two of the most popular Centaur names. The reason for their popularity is that they're both extremely useful animals, as well as being very attractive pets. Druid Centaur names are also somewhat unusual, since they're often derived from Greek mythology. Druids are usually regarded as winged and powerful beings, and Druids often have long, flowing hair and green eyes.

Druss, an extinct species of Centaurus, is often referenced in mythology and is the inspiration for many common Centaur names. Druss is a very common Centaur pet, mostly because it is a relatively simple creature to train. Druss can be trained easily to use a leash and to respond to its owner's commands, and you can often tell a Druss from its cousin, the Dracon. There are plenty of websites out there today, that list several Drusses and other breeds of Centaurus so you'll be able to find a pet Centaur that you love.

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