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This name generator will send you 15 random Na'vi names appropriate for James Cameron's Avatar universe. Na'vi are tall, blue beings from the Pandora world. They are around 15 feet (3 meters) tall on average, and have slender bodies with long tails, large, amber eyes and four fingers on each hand, including opposing thumbs. The Na'vi are hunter-gatherers who have a deep spiritual link to each other's world and their deity Eywa. They assume that Eywa is working to maintain a perfect balance on Pandora in terms of nature and its habitats. Things get a little more complicated as far as names and the Na'vi language go. There are rules dictating how names are formed, what consonants may be used at the beginning of a word, which at the end, and so on, but there are no conventions for naming individual names. A structure that is 'name' + 'te' + 'is' + 'is' + 'is' + 'gender dependent suffix.' The first name is a personal name, the second name is usually a family name, family clan name or something similar, and in the case of women, the last name is either the father's name in the case of men or the mother. Then the name ends with a suffix the translates loosely into 'son of' or 'daughter of'. The word 'te' translates to 'from' or 'from kin.' So the name "Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite" means "Tskaha clan / family Newtiri, Mo'at 's daughter. "The complicated part comes in the way words are formed. Na'vi uses sounds that are pretty alien to most Earth languages, so the names can be difficult to pronounce for most people. There are elements represented by 'tx', 'kx' and 'px' and both 'rr' and 'll' are used as pseudovowels, meaning that a word such as 'kllpxiwll' is a true word (meaning lionberry). Then, the way syllables are formed. - vowel represents a different syllable, and - syllable can start with 1 or 2 consonant sounds ('ts' + 'px' is theoretically only 2) and end with a single vowel, but should only have one. There is no limit on how many vowels there may be alongside each other either. So the word 'awaiei' (meaning 'paradise banshee') has 5 syllables (aw-a-i-e-i).Na'vi also has 4 diphthongs (aw (like 'ou' in 'mouse'), ew (like 'eo' in 'Leo'), ay ('y' in 'my') and ey ('ey' in 'hey') which can make words appear much more complicated than they really are. I've made sure the chances of these and of vowel clusters are also minimal, but we haven't fully excluded these or the more nuanced elements as this could be just what some people are after and they're part of the language after all.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Na'vi race (also known as the "People of the Blue Planet," or simply the "Blue Race,") are incredibly diverse species of sapient extraterrestrial humans who live in the green, lush jungle planet of Pandora. The Na'vi are, in general, about three meters (about ten feet) high, with smooth, tufted orange-brown skin, small, round eyes, short, thick tails, and very long fingers. They have thick dark hair that can be brown or white in color. The female NA's's breast is larger than males, and their fingernails are long.

The NA's (short for "The People") live in a society that includes a multitude of tribes, tribesites, clans, and families. Each tribe or clan has a leader or matriarch (who is also known as a shaman, as well as being a direct link to the Avatar), and every individual Na'vila (native) will perform a specific task in the family unit. Each person has a role to play in the overall life of the group. Each Na'va is an important part of the Na'va community, and each individual Na'vila has a special place in the life of his or her family.

The Avatar (also known as the "Lord of Life") is a powerful being, created by the Great Spirit who created the universe, and is seen by the Na'vem through a mysterious blue light. The Avatar is not only the most powerful force in the universe, but also the most mysterious. The Avatar is believed to be the creator of all other living things in the universe. All Na'Vili's (native) duties are performed in front of the Avatar to honor his/her spiritual responsibility to him/her.

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