Au Ra Name Generator (Final Fantasy)

The Au Ra name generator gives you 15 designations that suit the race in the Final Fantasy world. The Au Ra is a race of humanoids with dragon characteristics, often curved horns and scale patterns on their smooth skin. They 're said to be a long distance offspring of dragons but some scholars argue that this is due to the great distinctions of the Au Ra and the dragons. There's an Auri myth which tells about a Dawn Father and the Dark Mother from which all Au Ra are descended, while both Au Ra share this myth. The Raen think their veins are thick with the Dawn Father's blood, and thus have white scales and iron will. You have the Xaela, on the other hand, because they believe their veins flow widespread with the Dusk Mother's blood, so they have black scales and a fiery will. There's no end to their differences. Raen have settled down and lived a peaceful life, while Xaela lives tribal with many disputes and wars. Raen names are mostly taken from Japanese Edo, but male names in the universe of Final Fantasy appear to be more related to powerful, agile and at times uncontrollable elements in nature. The name of women also refers to plants , animals, elegance, nature and seasons. For any non-Japanese speaker, it is very difficult to build suitable names, sadly we are one of them. However, Edo era names are created by this generator, so the names are still very close. Since Raen uses nicknames linked either to combat and power (official warrior-class surnames) or their occupations (non-official surnames), we used only surnames used in this game. Notice also that there are two ways of writing a name order, i.e. "first name + surname," or "surname + no + first name." The first one is used when Au Ra deals with non-Au Ra, and the one that we used in this generator. Xaela names come from Mongolia, mostly from the 15th century, but here you've got a lot to do if you need it. This makes it much easier to find and choose a name for a Xaela character. They also use tribal names instead of surnames, which comprise the game's 51 tribal names. There are a few more names that can pop-up and others, but it is typically the result of either a new tribe forming or an old one being either merged or destroyed by someone else. The first five names of this generator are Raen names, the last 5 are Xaela names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

In Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, the player will find many references to the famous French prince who is known as the Marquis de Aura. The name itself is a play on words since Aura is from the word "arra," which means high mountain or peak. Also, he is known to be a fierce warrior as well as being a wise man who are very wise in war. His role as an Emperor in the Holy See is important to note because of his military prowess and skills as a tactician. He also happens to be a good father and a good husband. If you are not familiar with him, you should look him up online because there are many interesting facts about this character that you might not know.

In Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, "Au Ra" refers to the main quest in Final Fantasy XIV. It involves finding the legendary sword called "Valkurm Deveraus." In the original version, it was found by the woman referred to as "Au Rha." She is a member of the royal family of Plegia and an important player for the story line. So just got the game this week and have no idea what to do with the other character, so I am going to make this character a male Xalera Aura and hope he will be a dancer class eventually. If I were playing the male gender in this game, I would have been called "Xalera Xeles."

The player will have to follow the story of one's battle against evil from a different side and not just the good side like in Final Fantasy. This is because the villainous faction is not good all the time. The player will be challenged to defeat these villains in order to gain control of the world. If you were to play a male character, this could be a great choice. It will also allow you to choose your race as well. Male players are not restricted to being a fighter; they can also become a dancer for example if they wish.

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