Lich Name Generator

This name generator gives you 15 random names for liches, and the names function for other related creatures. Often they have immense strength and are able to handle hordes of dead senseless animals. The liches are typically "created" by the transformation of a living being, like a human being or an elf, or either as a "reward" to a much more powerful creature, or in their pursuit of more strength or immortality. Many, however, often cast themselves away from this "weak" identity by choosing a new name or by their powerful rulers, who are often demon-like in nature. The names in this generator are all black, but a number of types are still available. Some of them are devilish, some tend to be based on ancient languages, some are clearly guttural and some have other influences.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The lich is the embodiment of death, and a powerful ally in any fantasy campaign. They serve as the main villain of the story and must be overcome at all costs. In most cases, a player will come across many different types of lich in their game. Each of them has their own personality and characteristics. Each one of them is based on something in the original story. In most cases the lich is named after an important character or personality in the original story.

The lich's essence can be transferred from one person to another during a ritual. In order to protect his own life force and gain eternal immortality, the lich placed his essence in a number of vessels - his "triad" of dead bodies. The first time he appeared in his flesh, the Lich (who was known as "Lord British") was slain by the dwarf, Bo. Bo sucked the essence out of all of his victims simultaneously, thus freeing the lich's spirit to move on.

The female lich is a different story altogether. She is called "the Forsaken." She was the wife of an arch demon and had been corrupted by the demon. The female lich used her influence to change Bo into a life himself. The female lich also used her power to steal the life of Bo's children and convert them into her own skeletal army. Once she had control of the undead army, she started her campaign of destruction on the world of man. Her ultimate goal was to wipe out the entire human race, and even if she failed, she would make an exception and use their souls to create her own army of undead and take over the world of men.

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