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This name generator gives 15 random basilisk names, but the names work in a certain way for similar gigantic reptiles as well. A basilisk is a small, snakelike creature, often with a rooster head, and sometimes with a crowned head or another crested head. He is able to kill with his look and is unbelievably venomous. Basilisks are today frequently portrayed as either massive snakes or gigantic reptiles like lizards. For this generator we concentrated more on these types of creatures, since the typical basilisk is very similar to a cockatrice with its own name. Basilisks do not typically have names; they sometimes sound rough and have plenty of reptiles, hisses sound, guttural sounds and similar tones produced from the back of their garlic.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Basilisk is a wonderful conglomeration, an animal comprised of two wings, a serpentine body with a three pointed tail and the head of an eagle. It is said that the Basilisk was born during a time of great civil unrest and war in which the people were not yet united. In order to help those who were torn apart by war, the Basilisk was born as an animal. This animal would use its wings to fly through the air to find the people they could help, helping them rebuild their lives and reunite with the rest of their family. They also were used to carry messages between villages and even between nations.

The Basilisk's story is one about love and life, God's compassion and forgiveness, and the power of hope. The Basilisk has a unique ability to see into the future, to see what lies ahead for those who it's around. In other words, it can see a person's dreams and their potentials. The future is full of possibilities. For instance, a person who is going to be involved in a war is not going to be happy after they have fought. However, if they are able to make the choice to stay and fight instead of being killed, they are going to be happy for years to come.

Basilisks are an animal that helps people find hope. They give their help to people who need it, and they are able to read people's minds and their feelings. They have a natural ability to see into the future, which can be a real benefit to those who need to look ahead at what lies ahead. There are many stories about how the Basilisk helps the innocent. People who have never been in a war before have been able to use the Basilisk's power to turn a peaceful life into a beautiful one.

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