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This name generator will give you 15 random names with the word "guardian" and a title to each. Guards may be a strong wizard, guardian angel, a grave guard or a basic town ward, in several different ways. These roles also have a title, either granted and received, or transferred from one guardian cycle to the next. This generator is mostly concerned with such titles, but I have also included personal names from all kinds of cultures, all of which are important guardians or are closely linked to the guardian. Of course, anyone may be guards, and their name would depend heavily on the culture they come from, so that their names do not match those particular cases in this generator, and hopefully after you have found a guards title there are several other name generators here to support.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

In the past, the guardians in Greek mythology were not the angels that we know today, but rather a race of spirits called the Asmodai. This tribe was said to have been responsible for the birth of mankind through divine intervention, or through the union of the human soul with a celestial body. There was a great conflict between these divine beings and the other gods, which are the origin of the story of Theban. The gods eventually became jealous and went on war against each other, resulting in their demise. In order to save the life of the god Dionysus, a mortal was created by the goddess of youth, Leto, who was the most powerful of the Asmodai. Dionysus chose to accept the new existence, and gave his daughter Ariadne to Leto, in exchange for her immortal soul. It was then that Dionysus took the name guardian of Dionysis' soul, and in doing so gave the human race the name of guardian angel.

As time progressed, the guardian angel came to represent much more than just protection. In fact, there are actually many different angel names and symbols used in literature to portray different facets of a person's life and personality. For example, the guardian of a child, such as Jesus, will often be portrayed as having wings and wearing a robe with red color, while the guardian of a soul, such as Archangel Gabriel, will be depicted as being in the form of a dove. When the souls of those who die are ready for entry into heaven, they are welcomed by the guardian angels that are present in each of these different representations.

Fiction writers have been using these representations to create characters for centuries, and today, they are very popular. Many people have chosen to use these symbols, even in everyday situations, such as on the back of business cards or in greeting cards. These symbols are still widely used today, both as a way to express love and friendship, as well as to honor an important event in the lives of many people.

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