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The Borderlands is a series of first person Gearbox Platform shooter games that have been launched in a vast, dystopian world of the future in which mega corporations are fighting to colonize planets for gold, alien weapons and other valuable resources. These alien weapons have been discovered in old alien vaults, where the players live. The company that first found the voult lost control of the planet due to poor preparation, so it is a different company that has to unveil this voult, deal with wildlife and other risks that led to the destruction of the first company. There are a wide range of characteristics within the Borderlands, from humans to robots, from orcs to spider-like beings and much more. Many have similar names ranging from more personal names, mostly human, to nicknames such as Bigfoot, Skyscraper, Dribbles, Scorch, Smash-Head. This generator focuses on these two most known names as the others have not been sufficiently numerous. The first 5 names are the more human names that include titles or surnames such as Savage Lee, Commander Steele and Toothless Terry. However, these titles are not exclusive to humans. The last 5 names are nicknames of almost every form of character, from mechanical beings to spider, and from hawks to ordinary people.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

If you've ever wanted to try your hand at shooting and crafting like the big bad himself, then you should definitely consider playing the online first person shooter game known as The Borderlands, a game that has a massive amount of content and offers a large number of challenges to the player. If you're new to this game, then the best thing to do is to read through the game's manual in order to gain a basic idea of its basics and rules. If you want more in depth information regarding any given aspect of The Borderlands, then you can always consult some of the helpful guides that can be found on the website.

Among the many tips for the best Borderlands characters and the best Borderlands bosses that you should read in TheBorderlands3 Patch Notes, there are also some specific information about the various weapons available in the game. The Best Borderland 3 Weapons can help you in your quest to take down the most difficult and dangerous enemies you'll run across. For instance, there are a variety of weapons that shoot high-powered bullets, such as the M-16, Plasma Rifle, Minigun, or the Rocket launcher. However, there are also some more unusual weapons as well, such as the Boomerang and the Nail bomb.

Of course, if you want to take out all of those maniacal bosses in The Borderlands, then you'll need to know about The BestBorderlands 3 Bosses, so that you can use these powerful characters to their full potential. As for the weapons that are found in The BestBorderlands 3 Bosses, they have quite an impressive collection of guns, such as the Laser Shooter, Plasma Gun, Rocket Launchers, Mini-gun, Gauss Rifle, Laser Sword, and the M-14. Other weapons that are found in this category include the Handheld Pulse Bomb, Nail Bomb, Plasma Gun, Gauss Gun, Laser Sword, Minigun, and the Rocket Launchers. In addition, The BestBorderlands3 Bosses Secrets and Tips also include some tips on how to unlock the BestBorderlands 3 Weapons and unlock the BestBorderland 3 Bosses.

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