Sphinx Name Generator (Magic: The Gathering)

This name generator will send you 15 random sphinx names appropriate for the Magic: Gathering universe. Sphinxes are giant creatures with lion-like bodies, large, feathery wings and human faces, similar to their counterparts in folklore. Sphinxes are renowned for their great intellect, cunning and speaking in riddles. Typically they are respected and seen as gods, and many sphinxes are associated with blue mana, although there are exceptions to all of this, of course. Sphinx names appear to have certain Egyptian influences, but this is largely dependent on the limited number of names available. But these subtle influences also made it possible for us to incorporate more variety without taking too many artistic freedoms. There was plenty to deal with as far as generic card names go, both in terms of lore and available cards, so there is plenty to choose from in this generator too.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Sphinx, the winged creature that graces the Sphinx temple in Egypt, is an ancient Egyptian creature that has been used as a source of inspiration by many of the greatest Egyptian gods. While it is believed that the Sphinx was created when a Pharaoh's daughter accidentally killed the Egyptian god Osiris with a sword, modern scholars disagree with this theory. Modern scholars believe that the Sphinx is not actually a mythological creature but rather a real, living creature. While the Sphinx is no longer used by Egyptian gods, the mystical powers of the Sphinx name have made it a very popular name for most Magic: The Gathering creatures.

There are numerous different species of Sphinx. The common Sphinx has two heads with wide, almond-shaped eyes and a wide mouth resembling that of a human's. The Sphinx name is derived from the word "Sphinx" which means "king". The Sphinx may be seen in the Temple of Horus in Cairo, or he may be found in various other places throughout the world. The Sphinx is associated with the Phoenicians, who named him after the mythological creature in Greek mythology. It is believed that the Sphinx was created during the time of the gods. While the Sphinx was a mythological creature, he is often referred to as a real creature because of his likeness to the famous creature.

The most popular Sphinx names are derived from the Egyptian God of thunder, the King of the Mountains, the Warrior-god, the God of Light, and the King of all Birds. The King of the Mountains, who rules over the Sun and the Moon, is the only Sphinx tribe to never conquer any lands and instead to roam the earth. The Warrior-god, the God of Light, was also one of the few tribes of Sphinx not to conquer any lands and is known for being the protector of humans. Sphinxes were often seen riding large feathered birds and fighting in the skies. Magic: The Gathering creatures often have a similar appearance to the original Sphinx.

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