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This generator will produce 15 Sumerian random names. Sumer has been a civilization in the region of southern Mesopotamia in Iraq today. It was the first known civilization in this area and it dates back to about 4500 BC, but written documents date only from about 3000 BC. Sumer existed until around 1900 BC, and there was plenty of time to change things as far as names go. There are unfortunately not as many female names as male names, but it appears to be the way it goes through history. Men were considered more significant, so their names were more frequently listed in books and documents.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The civilization of the Sumerian Period dates back to the early years of our existence on earth. They were also known as the people of Uruk. This civilization was centered in present day Iraq, but was in fact founded by a group of city-states. In prehistoric times, the Sumerians were able to build the earliest of great monuments known as the Pyramids. Their civilization has been called the cradle of civilization and they were also the first ones to write down their knowledge of the stars, the moon, and other natural phenomena. Most of the writing systems that we have today are directly the result of their culture.

When the city-states grew and spread to include all of Mesopotamia, they became one of the most powerful civilizations ever known. The city-states grew into the Babylonian Empire, which was one of the most technologically advanced civilizations in history. Throughout the years, the Babylonians developed their writing system and began to write down their sacred texts, although they did not copy them verbatim. The writings that were written down were often lost forever, and only a handful of them are now known to be completely intact. The greatest of the Babylonian cities was Ur, which are now referred to as Ur, and there is no way of knowing how many years this city stood when the earliest written records were made.

The people of this civilization were extremely inventive and were known to use everything from feathers and mud to bones and fire to create things that could be used for warfare. They had also been the first ones to use paper and pencils to make notes and drawings, which they would then carry with them when they went to battle. Although, they were the first civilization on earth to use the alphabet, their alphabet did not have a space between the letters. This is because they wanted to ensure that no evil spirits would be able to read their messages, which were secret. Even though the Sumerian civilization was a very long time ago, there are many similarities between the Babylonian civilization and their writings and the Sumerian civilization that is why many researchers believe that they are related. Other similarities that have been found include the shape of the alphabet, the placement of vowels and consonants in the alphabet, the type of letter that represent something, and the spelling of words.

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