Lashunta Name Generator (Starfinder)

This name generator will send you 15 names that will best match the Starfinder universe lashuntas. Lashuntas are telepathic humanoids, with antennas on their foreheads focused on their telepathic abilities. Lashuntas split into two types: the greater, the more intellectual, and the lesser, the more warrior-oriented. The divide comes from their puberty growth. The lashunta can evolve into one of these two forms depending on how many threats they face on their predator-rich planet. Lashunta names are mostly very melodic and sweet, although there are variations within their cultures. There are several names of s-sounds, m-sounds and up to three vowels next to each other, such as, for example, the word Oraeus. This is not a rigid law, but they are the features that most stand out, and could certainly be considered a feature of naming the lashunta. Given that the names in the source book are not divided based on gender, they are considered unisex in this generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A land full of predators, and with the unique ability to change their form at will, Lashunta is an amazing world where lashuntas have evolved over time to suit either a solitary path or two and to assist their kind to survive in this unforgiving environment. There are two main sub-races of lashuntas, the lithe, intelligent damage and the gregarious, strong korasha, the two traits that give lashuntas their unique power. The main characteristics of these two sub-races is their natural abilities: while some lashuntas have great strength, others excel in stealth and speed. There is also a sub-race known as the kulanja who have been bred with human features to be a blend of animal and man.

The Lashunta Names system is very similar to the Starfinder one, with some minor differences. As in the case of the Starfinder races, Lashunta names are not taken from the character's first name, but rather from their title. There is only one major difference - there are five different names for each character, and they can be male or female. In addition, each of these names has a meaning, so that your characters get to express themselves. For example, the Lashunta names of Acheron, Corrupted, Eon, Jangba, and Pulsar include a meaning, which will help them stand out from the crowd of other characters.

In terms of what Lashunta names actually mean, some of them are a little unclear, as they are derived from the name of the person to whom they were given. However, there is one example that is actually clear. When the planet Rhen Varis was destroyed by a warlord named Arvalarax, Acheron was named. This meant that Acheron was Arvalarax's brother, a fact that was kept hidden from Acheron and his people. They did not know that they had been named, until a few months later. Acheron, when he learned that they were brother, wanted to name both himself and his brother, but Arvalarax would not allow it. and so they settled on their father, who then named him Acheron, the Second.

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