Minmatar Name Generator (EVE Online)

This generator of names will give you 15 random names that match the minmatar empire of the EVE online universe. Minmatar is a powerful, independent person, and for Minmatar it is necessary to take care of yourself. A Minmatar typically describes himself based on the clan that he or she belongs to. A clan name will tell you much more about a Minmatar while family is significant. Clans may be of any size, but the size usual is dependent on that clan 's intent, which may be agriculture, or space exploration, e.g. Norse, Maori, Iceland, or Indonesia, or two or more of these clans. This generator generates names which are for the first and last names either one of four or a combination of two. This means you will have a first name, part of Iceland and part of Maori and a last name, part of Norse and part of Indonesia. Some names will be 100 per cent North, Maori, Icelandic or Indonesian, but typically are different from the names that we now use, as the name of EVE will be modified in the future.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Minmatar are an ancient race who once controlled the entire Minmatarian system, but when the Galactic War erupted, they lost their influence over their homeland. They are now trying to rebuild their influence in the Minmatar Empire by creating new and innovative alliances with other races. On the eve of September 1st, the Minmatar Alliance announced that it is merging with the Amarr Empire. This alliance has several key members such as the Goonswarm Federation, Serpentis, Northern Coalition, and TEST Alliance.

Minmatar Empire alliance has already started working on a plan to seize control of the system named Minmatar which is located around one hundred and twenty-five light years from the Gallente Federation's capital in St. Thomas. They will use their powerful Minmatar faction war ships in an effort to secure this strategic system. On October 1st, after one decade of bitter war and thousands of battles, the Minmatari-Amarr faction war alliance declared that the Minmatari-Amarr alliance will be locking down Minmatar faction war systems for at least three weeks by exchanging ownership of several key stations within the system. During this time, all Minmatari pilots who have been assigned to the Minmatari Alliance fleet will use their new faction war ships to attack the enemy Minmatari faction and hopefully destroy it.

In the announcement, the alliance's objectives for this particular battle are not revealed yet, but they promise that its results will be highly effective. It will serve as a stepping stone for the alliance to eventually conquer the entire system and gain control of its vital resources. During the three weeks, the alliance will make its presence known by attacking and harassing the Minmatari faction in every possible way, including by sabotaging its own structures, and using its powerful Minmatari faction war ships to destroy enemy ships and other structures. If the Minmatari faction succeeds in winning its station system, they will then become the rulers of the Minmatari Empire. Other Minmatari alliance leaders of rival alliance groups will then have to decide who will take over the Minmatari Empire.

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