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This generator of names is to give you 15 random byzantine names. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire the Byzantine empire remained. The Byzantines regarded themselves as Romans, and as the Roman Empire, despite the name given to them by historians, which is one cause of the Byzantine Empire's also being called the Eastern Roman Empire. Byzantines lived the same as the Romans of the Western Roman Empire, have Roman law, speak Latin and many of their culture and morals have been identical, although certain have been changed by their Christian faith. In the early 600's, they changed Latin to Greek as a language, and this was also reflected in some of their names. Byzantine names are similar to the Romans, but many are Roman saints' and hellenic names. However, they still follow approximately the same naming terms, with the majority of female names ending in -a and -ia, and the Byzantines also fit all the Latin names from that time, although the later on, the more common the saint and hellenic names.

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The Byzantine Empire, sometimes called the Eastern Roman Empire, is the culmination of the Western Roman Empire after its eastern provinces were conquered during the fifth century. The name Byzantine comes from a Greek term meaning "the holy." The Byzantine period is considered to be one of the most important periods in the history of Christianity because it marks the end of the fourth to sixth centuries. The area in which the Byzantine Empire encompassed the eastern regions of what we call Turkey is called the Byzantine Province.

Byzantine was the most powerful city-state of that time and it became known as an empire when it had control over the entire Mediterranean region and parts of Asia Minor. The region was divided into two parts, the Byzantine area of Thrace, the area around Nicaea in the Aegean, and the Byzantine area of Asia Minor, which was its homeland. The Byzantine area of Asia Minor became known as "The Byzantine Province." The region has a major influence on the history of the Byzantine Empire. Byzantine was the main religious center of that region and it became a major center of commerce. It also became a major military power that eventually came to dominate the rest of the Byzantine area of Thrace. In the eighth century, Emperor Justinian founded the Byzantine Monastery in the region to serve as a religious center for the Byzantine rulers.

Byzantine has a lot of history and a lot of cultures. Byzantine has several historical locations, which are all important places of interest. Byzantine has a rich culture and it is a place where you can enjoy visiting for many centuries.

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