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Nebulae are interstellar clouds of dust and gas with a diameter of hundreds of light-years. Some of them can be seen with the naked eye, but they are very small. Which can be seen only with long exposure recording systems. The brightest nebula, the orion nebula, can be seen through the naked eye and takes up twice as long as in the night sky. Nebula are often called with either a code name, (NGC 40, CRL 2688, etc.) or a regular name, as the Egg Nebula, Water Lily Nebula or Helix Nebula are usually ignored, but it is easily overlooked. These names usually explain how the nebula appears like a kind of intergalactic cloud observation. This name generator only focuses on the common names as seen below.

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A nebulosity is a cloud of gas, dust, gas, or any other ionized gas. In the past, the word was generally used to describe a diffuse spherical object, such as galaxies beyond the normal Milky Way, although it was later replaced by the more modern term "nebula." A nebulosity is a dense, low-density cloud that expands rapidly and spreads into space. It is a black hole in miniature or a small star inside the larger star.

A star like our sun is a nebulosity. Stars such as the sun form when a star starts to die in a process known as stellar birth. When a star dies, its outer envelope of gasses known as protuberances contracts. This causes a bulge to form which is called a planetary nebula or a planetary nebular cloud. The process of stellar birth creates both a large and small star.

When the star becomes old enough to go nova, its envelope of gases contracts very quickly and creates a nebulosity. This is different from the process of star birth in that it is not a product of the star growing older. As a result, nebulous stars tend to become unstable and eventually collapse back down to their original size. If this happens to a star, it forms a black hole that has mass. However, the amount of mass that forms depends on its size. Therefore, a small star can easily become a giant star if the mass is not well balanced.

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