Cat Name Generator

This generator of pet names gives you 15 fit names for any animal in the cat family (felidae). Although this generator is intended mainly for World of Warcraft players, many names can also be used in other games or real life for animals.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Cats are the most widely distributed wild felines. There are several feline families that include cats, lizards, crocodiles, hamsters, birds, and rodents. Felida is a genus of wild mammals in the suborder Carnivora, also known as fields, and comprises a group of nearly 150 genera and over 300 species. A part of this group is called the domestic cat, but the term "cat" means both wild cats in general and specifically to the domestic cat.

Felida felis, or domestic cat, is the most common of these feline, with over 90% of cats belonging to it. Domestic cats have lost most of their wild relatives, although some have been introduced by humans, and some are genetically different from their wild ancestors. The domestic cat is a member of the Felidae order, which means "cats of the world", and is closely related to the Felis silvestris species. Domestic cats share only a few similarities with the other coliforms, such as body size (domestic cats have longer bodies than do wild cats), hair texture (domestic cats have finer hairs than do wild cats), and diet (the diet of domestic cats is largely domestic). Domestic cats are sometimes classified into four suborders.

Domestic cats Felidae can be divided into two groups: wild cats and introduced solids. Wild felids include felines (including leopards, servals, etc.) and can be traced back at least to Africa, Asia and Europe. Domestic felids are felines that have been bred to be used for domestic purposes. Domestic cats are often referred to in colloquial language as "cougars".

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