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This name generator can produce 15 names appropriate for the Star Wars universe Shistavanen race. Essentially, the Shistavanen are a race of space waswolves, except without the transformations. Shistavanen are lone hunters, which is why in positions like scouts and bounty hunters they are always found. The Shistavanen, however, generally avoided encounters with other creatures and remained quite isolated as a group, so much so that the names of most other beings never met a Shistavanen. Shistavanen are quite plain in sound and typically very guttural. Names are long with 1-2 syllables, which just contributes to their simplicity. Only 2 females are called, 'Caet' and 'Kal.' We were debating whether the names should be translated as unisex names, as I did with some other Star Wars races, but since the 'ae' element was never used in any of the male names we chose not to. 2 Names are still not much to work with, so we made up a big chunk of naming rules, you'll have to decide for yourself whether to agree with them or add your own interpretations.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was released in theaters in December last year, is set to bring forth many new Shistavanen names into the family of characters. This is because the character of Shistavanen was born under the same time period as Luke Skywalker, who was a famous Jedi Master who was also a member of the Galactic Republic. As is expected with these types of family names, a number of Star Wars Shistavanen names are derived from these characters. The most popular Shistavanen name comes from Shirer, a planet on the planet of Coruscant. It was where Shirer was born and also where he became a member of the Galactic Republic as a Jedi. A Jedi is a powerful warrior and is one of the highest levels of the Galactic Republic.

The second most popular Star Wars Shistavanen name is Naga, which means a fierce creature. Naga is a warrior and a ferocious one at that, and is likely to be an inspiration to young girls that want to become warriors. Of all the characters that inspired Star Wars, none had a bigger impact on the movie than Darth Vader. Vader was a legendary and powerful Dark Lord of the Sith, and Shirer was originally a title that he earned for himself. Some names that can easily be confused with Vader's are Drogon, which is a variation on Darth. A number of other Shistavanen names derive from the Sith Lord such as Darth Bandon, who was Darth Vader's son and one of the most formidable opponents of Luke Skywalker during the Galactic Civil War.

Some Shirer names are also derived from the names of prominent Galactic Republic figures from the Star Wars franchise. The most notable of these is Skywalker's uncle who was a Senator named Padmé Amidala. In addition to his role in the Galactic Republic, Padmé served in the Galactic Navy and was a key player in the Clone Wars.

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