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This generator gives you 15 random names for vambraces, bracelets and other bracelets. Most names would typically suit fantasy types better than other fiction genres, but in nearly every setting there are a lot of names. The names have been divided into 4 groups, depending on how the name was made. The names and definitions are self-explanatory, but here is a short overview: - The first two names are 'Bracers of the Adjective Noun.' -- The next two names are like the first 2, but with added content. -- The next 3 names are the names of '(Adjective) Content Bracers.' -- The following three names are '(Adjective) Noun Bracers.'

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Bracers are a special type of armor worn by archers that protect the wearer's arms and hands. It is similar to what a pair of motorcycle gloves would look like except for the fact that these arm guards are not designed to be worn on the arms as regular arm guards are. A bracer (arm-guard) is generally made from leather, plastic, or any other soft material, usually made of stone, wood, or metal that covers the entire inside of an arm to protect it from injury when shooting. Bracers usually protect the upper inside part of an arm from damage from the string of an arrow or the fletching on the arrow itself. They can also serve as protection against injury in a fight.

While they may look different from standard arm guards, there are actually several similarities between the arm guards used by archers and the protective equipment of archers. Both the arm guards and bracers are designed to provide extra protection from injury while archers are engaged in the act of shooting a bow. Also both arm guards and bracers are made to fit an archer properly so that it provides adequate protection to the lower and upper parts of his or her body. In addition, both arm guards and bracers have some very important functions that are needed in archery. For example, the arm guard serves as a buffer between the arrow and the user's body so that any arrow that strikes an unprotected area of skin can cause less damage. Also, since a bracer covers the user's forearm, it also prevents his or her arms from being injured by arrows.

The arm guard and bracer armor name came about because of two things. First, a group of archers were hunting in a forest, and they discovered that their arrows did not work. This problem was actually quite common to archers. It was not until one of them found a piece of metal (bracer) on the ground that he was able to use it to make his arrows work better. The bracers then were made to provide extra protection for archers in their archery outfits.

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