Awoken Name Generator (Destiny)

This generator will send you fifteen random names for the awakened portion of the destiny universe. The awakened are descendants of humans who escaped and were born during collapse. Because of this or some other unknown force, these human beings have incredible light to blue skin and control over regular human beings. The awake people who live in the reef have a queen who is less than accessible to the rest, including the awake people who are here searching for answers to their enigmatic existence. Any of these awake people may have been born on Earth, where other people of their kind work together with men to protect their world. Male and guttural names appear to be longer than female names. Surnames appear to be a mixture of both the guttural elements most commonly found in male names and the shorter melodic elements commonly found in female names, but they are often extreme in both directions.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Awoken are an alien race in the Destiny universe. They're descendants of humans who, at the Collapse, attempted to run to the edges of known space in hopes of escaping The Darkness. During the voyage, they crashed on Earth and were met by The Traveler, a celestial being with immense power who granted them salvation and sent them on their way to find a new home. A few generations later, the Awoken were seen in the ruins of Earth, where they were welcomed by The Traveler.

The Awoken were later selected to form the main playable party in the game. They have three primary weapons: Swords, Guns, and Pistols. The Swords are most effective against the smaller, lighter enemies and offer higher damage output than the gun and pistol weapons, although their slower rate of fire makes it less useful against more heavily-armored enemies. The guns are best against the larger, stronger enemies and are best used against multiple enemies at once. The Pistols are best against enemies that are difficult to take down and the melee weapons are best when dealing with multiple foes or multiple enemies at once. The final weapon, the Staff, is best used to protect yourself while in the middle of combat.

There are a few skills you can specialize in for the Awoken, which greatly enhances the power of your character in the game. The Warrior's Edge, for example, allows you to use energy instead of stamina. The Hunter's Mark allows you to mark down enemies or other special enemies, making them easier to kill. The Thief's Agility allows you to increase your evasion and Dodge chance. Finally, the Engineer's Relics let you gather resources faster or gain extra energy. For example, if you choose to build up the energy from using the sword, you'll be able to use your sword twice before having to recharge it with energy. The choice between these skills is entirely yours and you should figure out what you prefer and stick to it as much as possible.

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