Elezen Name Generator (Final Fantasy)

It gives you 15 names that match the Elezen race of the Universe of Final Fantasy. Elezen are an elf-type race of humanoids. They share their long-held characteristic with many other races of fiction and nature. The Elezen even predate the other races, so they feel great pride. There are two Elezen forms, but all of them share the same naming words. However, because of competition and animosity between the parties, there are certain (unspeaking) laws between the two groups. The Duskwright and Wildwood Elezen once share the same surnames, but as time went by and tensions grew, both sides reject the use of an common surname, so that in a way each side can claim its name by first using it. Apart from the distinction of surnames, there is no real difference in the names of both sides, an Elezen would be able to say whether anyone is a Duskwright or Wildwood. The names are based on French names themselves. Male names usually end with a 'x' or a silent 't,' like the 't' in 'mont.' In general, female names end in "elle," "ette" or "ne," as well as "ie" and other lengthy vowels.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Elezen are a group of non-human, animalistic and winged creatures that live in the mountains of Eorzea and co-exist happily with the humans. These winged creatures are native to the Northern continent of Aht Urhgan and were once known as the Eidolons. The Elemens were said to have been the gods of Aht Urhgan and it was their duty to watch over the realm. However, as time passed by, it is believed that the Eidolons became corrupted by their duties and began to take control of other humans. They turned people into slaves and took control of them using the power of the element that can only be found in Eorzea.

The Elezen race in Final Fantasy XIV is very unique due to the way they blend the two different races, the humans. This has given them a unique appearance unlike the typical human and even the beast race that are found in other MMOs. If you want a unique looking beast race that is very rare but powerful than the Elezen are the best choice for you. The main problem that the Elezen have, is that they have no racial bonuses compared to other races so they must be learned through questing or grinding in order to level up and get special skills. The good news is that they do not need any form of help, since the nature of their species is such that they can do it all on their own.

The Elements of FF14 have been given several buffs during development. One of these buffs is the ability for them to have elemental affinity. They also gain immunity to certain ailments, such as poison and darkness. They can also learn a "Shade" ability that will temporarily block all negative effects. The only problem is that this will not last long and it is not guaranteed to work. Other than that, the Elezen of FF14 is an awesome beast race that is worth taking a look at if you are looking for a new, unique beast race in Final Fantasy XIV.

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