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This name generator gives you 15 random pictural names. The pictures were a series of people who today lived in the north of Scotland. During the Iron Age and early medieval times they existed. During their lives, they came into contact with the Vikings and Romans, the latter responsible for the word "Pictures." The word derives from "Pictus" in Latin, which means "peeled" and refers to the common misconception that many Picts had tattoos. There's not much evidence for this though, but in fictional works it's a common subject if only for its unique look. Sadly there are not many pictish names, all of them in this generator are male and most of them belonged to kings or close male families. Only thirty ladies listed below were able to be identified, but we don't know how correct these names are, so take them out with salt grains until, hopefully, a further update sheds more light. Coblaith Conchenn Darlugdach Rechtsrecht Derile Domelch Drusticc Eithne Eithni Enfleda Ethne Eurgein Fína Feidelm Fial Findchoem Fotla Kentigerna Ligach Lonc Maithgemm Modwen Modwenna Monenna Mongfind Nadbroicc Nectudad Alpia Brigid Caintigern Coblaith Conchenn

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Have you ever heard of the name "Picard" and why is it that many people think that this is a Celtic or Scottish name? Well, the name "Picard" actually refers to an Irish surname. The Pictish Desolation, also known as "The Desolation of the Picts", is a large area in northern Scotland that was destroyed by a large Viking invasion. The Pictish region is famous for its stunning scenery and different climates. If they had only played the game "Age of Conan" right then. Not that it matters, but in this article I'm going to look at the top three Pictish names for every player in Age of Conan: The Role Playing Game.

The first name on the list, and one of the oldest, is Conan. Conan is the character, of course, who travels through this world of wonder and adventure with his trusty sword, The Morning Star. For players looking to use a unique name for Conan, I recommend combining his name with the word "Danger"Intensity". This can be a strong combination and makes it easy for players to use "Conan", and "Morning Star", when they are talking about this character. Another great name for this character would be "The Warrior", since he is always ready to fight.

The next place on the list for a Pictish name is the clan known as the Erundi. These clans, after all, were created by the gods themselves, and the clan name should reflect that. Erundi, or the "Erundi's tribe", is an interesting name because it was used centuries ago when the gods made the maps of this world. For players looking for a unique name for this clan, I suggest using Erundi's clan names in conjunction with "The Morning Star"Danger."

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