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This generator will generate 15 names that usually fit all types of apes and primates. Apes and primates are available in all types of forms and sizes, and the names we give can vary considerably. From a more fierce name for a gorilla to a nice name for a pygmy marmoset, there can be enormous differences. There is a huge variety of name available on this generator but if you are still stuck for inspiration you will be able to try some other pet names generators (links at the bottom of this page).

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Monkeys are not really wild animals like some of the big ones we have in the pet trade, they are domestic animals. There are many different species, but we will discuss just two that are commonly sold as pets. The first monkey is the Macaca monkey and it is the most common monkey in the eastern part of Africa. The other one is the Gorilla. The other one has a special name to it, because it is the only type of monkey known to be a threatened species. Monkeys are very popular pets and they are in high demand. Monkeys come in all shapes, sizes and color and they are fun and interesting to watch.

Monkey is a widely popular name which can mean several things, either species or groups of monkeys, in fact, the monkey is actually a word referring to a family of monkeys, namely, New World monkeys and the Old world monkeys. The name monkey itself means Monkey. A lot of people believe that the monkey is related to the lemur and that the monkey's name comes from a lemur called mona. Other people have their own theories about the origin of the word monkey. Some think that the monkeys were originally called baboons and they were named after the place where they lived, while some say that the monkey was named because it was the first animal in history that had a tail.

Monkeys have a wide range of different appearances, their skin can be brown or black, their fur can be black or gray, or white. Their eyes can vary in shape and size from being almond shaped to oval and also wide and rounded. Their hands and feet may be small and they have long toes that sometimes point inward and they also have a thick fingernail. The tail may be short or may grow longer as they get older.

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