Orc City Name Generator

This generator gives you 15 random names appropriate for orcish towns , cities, fortifications and other structures. The names in this generator are based on orcish settlement names from a variety of fictional works, typically those which have already described the stereotypical orc. However, there are different styles within this generator, but as most common fictional works use similar styles, most names in this generator might fit into a single environment. We also included certain stylistic options, such as double words or certain lengths. You may apply to these double words your own meanings like English town names sometimes have suffixes like 'fort,' 'street,' 'bridge,' 'borough,' etc.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

When you think of a medieval city, you may imagine a giant, metal, scary, and ancient-looking city. But in the Warcraft universe, cities are not always made out of metal and they are not always built by gigantic, ancient and evil forces. In fact, it is not uncommon to see cities built by normal everyday people as well as by powerful forces. A city in the Warcraft realm is a city that people can build in order to create a home for themselves or their family.

A city is a very important part of Warcraft. There are a variety of cities in the game. Some of the more common are the trade cities such as Stormwind City or Ironforge. Other cities include the outlying villages, townships, and settlements. All of these cities have certain things in common. For example, the most common cities in Warcraft are the ones that do not have a human presence in the city. While other places will have humans and gnomes, but they are not the main citizens of the city.

Other outlying settlements such as the night elven village Evergreen also have a human presence. Outlying settlements such as the dwarven city Ashenvale also have an Orcish presence. The most unique cities in the game are the cities where there is no human presence. These are called Outland cities. Each Outland city has its own unique personality and history. What makes these Outland cities unique from each other is the way they were founded and how they were shaped into a civilization.

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