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The Bashkir people are a Turkish people living mainly in Bashkortostan, part of Russia in the Ural Mountains with a population of around 1.5 million. At the end of 1917, Bashkortostan became Russia's first ethnic autonomous region. It has no jurisdiction, but it was later abandoned around 1990.Mostly Islamic, many of the names of Bashkir have Islamic roots as well. There are also some Persian and Turkish influences that are no surprise to a Turkish people. We couldn't find many surnames, those that we found were certainly Russian, but we left those out of the generator. If you want a surname, we advise you to choose one from the Russian name generator.

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The Bashkir are one of the largest regions of Russia with a wide geographical distribution. The Bashkir range is found in central Russia as well as the Central Asia region and Mongolia. In addition to the Bashkir they also include a number of ethnic groups from the Northern Caucasian lands of Bashtov, Khanty-Mansi and the Kalmykian lands of the Ural Mountains. There are a number of names given to the Bashkir of Central Asia, one of which is the Bashkir people. Another name is the Bashkoye. As such the names include the term Bashoye, Kulykoye and Khurykyo.

The American Bashkir Curlin horse is said to have originally originated in the wild horses of America. There is historical evidence of the unique horse in the form of Sioux winter stock blankets dating from hundreds of years ago. This horse was also said to be part of the Blackfoot tribe. The tribe is said to be extinct at this time but it has been estimated that the horse reached up to six feet tall. The animal was known for the fact that they used their hooves to plough the earth, as well as a wide variety of other feats.

Bashkir, according to historical accounts, were a part of the nomadic herders of the Khanty-Mansi Plains who used horses, which became known as the Bashkir horses. They would move through the steppes in groups, using only one horse to move at a time. These horses had a narrow nose, short legs and small ears. They were also used to chase down wild animals like hares and rocs.