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The Sami (often incorrectly identified as the Lapps or Laplanders, but these are derogatory) are a native group living in Sápmi, an Arctic region in the northern regions of Finland , Norway, Russia and Suecia. The total population is approximately 140,000. They are commonly known for their renewal herd, which is not shocking when you realize that 10% of Sami people engage in this, and in some regions the only people legally permitted to herd renewed bees are the Sami languages. But many Samis, depending on the country in which they reside, often speak Russian, Norwegian or Swedish. Sami names have the same roots and, since they are old people, surnames from their respective countries were adopted finally. A Sami in Sweden, for example, would probably have a Swedish surname but wouldn't have had a surname before and possibly used a patronym. However, we haven't found too much on their surnames, which is just another explanation we have left them out, but numerous other real names on this website might give them the right Swedish, Finnish or Russian surname, if you really want it.

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Scandinavians are mostly called 'Scandinavians' because they are primarily of Scandinavian origin. The original settlers in Scandinavia were originally Norwegian settlers who settled on the icy, unforgiving coasts of the Baltic Sea. This land is now called Norway, and its capital is Stockholm. Scandinavian settlers came into contact with the Inuits of the Arctic region of Canada around the early part of the 20th century. Native Canadian Sami culture also spread into Scandinavia.

The indigenous Sami culture, which is very different from Swedish or Norwegian culture, has been largely forgotten by the mainstream culture. However, there are still some people who are against changing the traditional Sami names, for fear that it will be an insult to their culture, heritage and identity. Scandinavian Sami countries like Finland, Sweden and Norway still use traditional names for their countries, although in the past, they have sometimes been adopted by outsiders who wanted to claim cultural identity. However, even so, the names of Scandinavian countries have not changed, since they are all related to their geographic location.

The Sami in Russia and Norway are still fighting for the rights of their native Sami. The Sami of Russia fought for their rights for decades, but after many unsuccessful negotiations, they were granted the right to become a nationality in November 2020. There are still many other Sami in other Scandinavian countries, who are demanding the same rights. Their fight for the right to remain as a nationality is still ongoing, as is the case in Sweden and Finland. Although these are countries with different cultures, languages and traditions, Sami communities are still living in those countries.

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