West Asian Town Name Generator

This generator of names will send you 16 random names that closely resemble those of today's South Asian countries. The names are based largely on the names of the real towns and the city and it is therefore perfectly possible to get the names of these towns and towns, although the chances are very little. In most instances, the names themselves may not be true. However, all names are supposed to give a true look, which is particularly nice for fictional works influenced by one of the above countries. South Asia consists of Afghanistan, Bangla This generator of names will give you 14 random names, closely resembling those in South-East Asian countries today. The names are heavily based on real city names, so names of these cities can perfectly be obtained even if they are not very likely. The names are all random and are mainly designed for fictional worlds based on these cultures. In most instances, the names themselves may not be true. All names should, however, still give the authentic look that is particularly good for fictional works influenced by one of the countries listed below. Southern Asia is made up of a large number of countries, but only 7 of them were used in this generator, and aThis generator will give you 14 random names closely similar to those of western Asia today. However, note that although the names are strongly based on the actual names of the town and city, the names are random and may not always fit into a real environment. West Asia consists of a wide range of countries, the exact names depend heavily on the definition you use. The definitions vary from geographical position to political regions and vary from one country to another, but for this generator, we focused on seven countries: Armenia , Azerbaijan, Georgia, Israel, Jordan , Lebanon and Palestine. In Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, the Philippines , Thailand and Vietnam, each is represented by two names.re. 2 names will be created per nation. Note: Romanized spellings.desh, Bhutan, India, the Palestinians, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the main names. This generator has names based on all of them, making this generator a little larger than the regular one with 16 generated names. The second is focused on Pakistani cities. In Indian towns, the fifth and sixth names are based. The names 7 and 8 are based on Sri Lankan towns, the names 9 and 10 are based on Nepalese cities. The 11th and 12th names are based on the cities of Bangladesh. The 13th and 14th names are named based on the Maldives and the 15th and 16th names are based on the buthaneses.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

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