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This generator name produces 15 names for all creatures such as griffins (or gryphons, griffons, or whatever spelling you choose). There is a preference for male and female names; however, this affects only the first three names. Griffins are legendary animals with a lion 's body and an eagle's head and wings. But many different variations have been produced over the years , particularly recently. Like the hippogriff, a creature with the horse 's body and the eagle's head and tail. The names have been separated into three separate groups. The first three names are Greek gods, goddesses and other powerful beings. Griffins are also related to ancient Greece, understandably so, and many are named according to Greek gods. The following four names are descriptive names such as 'Blacktalon' and 'Dusktail' and are very common in stories where Griffin is a friend or a deadly legendary foe. In any case, these names can be interesting, gloomy, humorous, and maybe even sad with the right context. The last 3 names are 'natural' names and names given by website users. The names may vary from common human names to nicknames and even junk names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Griffin is one of the most popular animals in traditional mythology. Probably originating in the Near East in the second millennium BC, the Griffin has spread throughout much of western Asia and into the northern European region during the third millennium BC. The Asiatic Griffin was a large predator, often as large as a leopard. It was most often depicted as winged. The Minoan and Greco-Roman Griffin usually featured a crested head. These are still very popular as the most commonly used Griffin names. The Griffin is not only well known for its long neck, but also for its ability to turn into an eagle.

The Griffins of mythology are extremely powerful and are usually shown using magical powers. The best known of these powers includes flying. These animals are commonly depicted as flying through the sky. This is due to the fact that the wings of these animals are made of feathers. A well known story of a Griffin is that of How the Griffin Came to Dinner, which was written by Hesiod during the fifth century BC. In this book, he tells of a Griffin that was invited to dinner with the King of heaven.

Griffins and their associated Griffin names can be derived from Greek and Asiatic cultures. In addition to the Greek and Asiatic names of the Griffin, they can also be named after the various animals of these cultures. If you are looking for a name for your Griffin, you should consider some of the above mentioned names as well as the ones that are derived from mythology.

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