Kothringi Name Generator

The Kothringi generator gives you 15 names for the Kothringi race in the Scrolls Elder games. The Kothringi are people with metallic skin and what are sometimes portrayed as reflective faces. They lived in Black Forest, but Ayleids used them as slaves. Their misfortune did not end, even after the slave revolt in 1E 242. The name Kothringi was contracted in 2E 560, which ultimately wiped them away as it could not be found. The names of Kothringi are somewhat guttural and have traces of Arabic tone, but the latter isn't a very strict convention on naming. Female names appear to be more melodious, although some variations occur. However, it is based entirely on just about a dozen titles, so it could be a coincidence. In any case, names that represent the names used in the official lore are created by this name generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Kothringi or Lustrous Folk are dark-skinned silver-skinned people indigenous to the province of Black Marsh, who were once considered the last humans on Tamriel. In fact, when first discovered by the Nords, they were treated with great honor. After the fall of Black Marsh, many Nords became slaves and were not allowed to leave the province due to the fact that they had been corrupted. Eventually they were driven away and only a few Nords were allowed into Black Marsh in the early years. Today, they can still be found in remote outposts, but the truth is that most are nomadic tribes. They are an ancient race of Argonians and are extremely elusive.

Although they are quite nomadic, they have a great history as Tamer Races. The Nords of the past considered them a great blessing to the realm. However, their long history has also led to many conflicts with the other races of Tamriel. They are often thought to have been wiped out in the civil war that occurred after the Red Year, and were eventually forgotten by the other races until the arrival of the Elder Scrolls. As much as they were unknown to the other races of Tamriel during the early years, their influence can still be felt today. Their influence is seen in the Tribunal Temple, where they are the spirits that guide the souls of the dead to the afterlife.

During the events of the Third Era, the Kothringi were once again sought after by the Nords, but this time they were hunted down and eliminated. Even if they were a hated race, they were still hunted down to near extinction, and their culture and beliefs were forgotten. They have become quite elusive during the modern era of Tamriel, and even if they do live in isolated outposts, many of these locations are considered to contain a significant amount of ancient artifacts. Some of these artifacts have been found to be extremely powerful, and they may be the key to unlocking more about the Kothringi. The Nords may be able to use these artifacts to help them learn about the Kothringi and their history. and what motivated their extermination. If these artifacts are used properly, they may be able to use them to bring the ancient race back from the brink of extinction.

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