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This generator of names will give you 15 random names appropriate for the Maze Runner universe. Maze Runner is a series of novels about a group of boys trapped inside a deadly labyrinth. Each month this group receives new supplies, as well as a new child. -- new member doesn't have any memory of how they got here or everything that happened before. One day a girl is added with a note marking this is the last person ever to be added to this group. Her introduction also signals several other improvements, including the permanent opening of the doors to the labyrinth meaning that the monsters inside it (called Grievers) can now come out and attack the group at any time. The group now has no choice but either to battle the Grievers or to try to cross the labyrinth and eventually find an escape. The names used in the Maze Runner universe are (almost) all based on names of well-known scientists. The names in this generator are like that too, but their familiarity will depend on your own scientific knowledge. Some names of scientists are somewhat more ambiguous than others, and because certain names, both in the series and in this generator, are altered variants of names of scientists (Alby-> Albert Einstein), it makes the identification of the root of of name a little more difficult.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Maze Runner is an American science fiction film trilogy, featuring urban action, futuristic science fiction and urban fantasy novels written by James Dashner, which is based in the United States. The film was made by the producers of the Divergent series, which has many similarities to Maze Runner. Maze Runner revolves around a group of teenagers who are called the Losers, who fight in a war against the oppressive organization known as the Saviors, in an effort to free themselves from the organization's grasp. The group consists of some of the most interesting and unique characters in modern movie genre, as they each possess their own powers and abilities that allow them to be different from each other. It also contains action, suspense, fantasy, and adventure at its core, with a plot that is quite different from any other.

The series' protagonist, Maria (Emma Dumont), is the daughter of the town's mayor, and is also the only daughter of the mafia boss named Carlos (Albert Kimery). Her mother died when she was very young, leaving her to live with her father and his girlfriend and son, Miguel (Thomas Brodie-Sangster). It wasn't until Miguel was seven years old that she learns about her origins and is reunited with her deceased mother's belongings. When she returns to the city, however, the city is destroyed by the Saviors and her father becomes a Runner himself.

In order to win the war and free herself from the Syndicate, Maria must become a Runner herself, with her own set of powers and abilities. She must use these abilities to help her fight the organization and save the citizens of the city. She also has to be able to communicate with the other Losers in order to survive. Maze Runner also has a cast of very interesting characters, and each one of them plays a role in the storyline, providing unique insight and emotions into the characters. Each character also has his or her own set of powers and abilities. The story of Maze Runner was created by the famous director of the original Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan, and is set to be released in theaters all over the United States and internationally. It is being widely advertised online, both by film critics and the fans themselves.

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